Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting Closer to Christmas...

Are you excited?
Most of you know that I made 500 cards for OWH. This is one of the cards.
Is it bad that I dont think I want to make my own cards for Christmas? No worries, I wont go store bought ;) That is just not the card maker way!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Veterans Day Card

I always forget what I have, or have not posted... But I do know for a fact. I did post this over at the Bombshell Stamps blog for the Monday Muse featuring the Cherry Bomb set. I made this card for an Airman who I have been keeping in contact with Via OWH. I figured why not make him a really cool bomber style Veterans' Day card right? Well.. HE LOVED IT!!!!  It is even one of the cards he actually kept from his tour in Afghanistan. :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Early Birthday

Happy Early Birthday to my friend Becky :) She and I have been friends for YEARS! Every year I make her a card on her birthday. This is this years quick card. I used my MFT WTG set Lets Chat. Which seems fitting since I never get to see her anymore, and all we do is communicate via Facebook, or Text!

Would you have known.. I even used GLITTERED paper?! No way right?!

Sorry about the way the shirt looks, my Pretty in Pink SU marker is on its death bed. :( I must ask santa for the refills to my markers since they are the only medium I color with besides prisma markers! and that is only in SKIN colors!!!

Oh well..

Also, if youve seen my camera, can you tell him I miss him? My Camera has been missing since my birthday, so I had to scan my card in today. ;) I might just continue to do that!!!

Only 8 more days until Diem's 6th Birthday!!! 10 more days until she is here for CHRISTMAS!!!