Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bombshell Blog is Having a CONTEST!!!

Everyone who knows me, or has seen my blog knows that I am totally addicted to Bombshell Stamps. I love how unique and versatile they are. I have been using them lately for my OWH valentines.... They are real head turners!

So, Bombshell Stamps, now has a Blog. On their blog, they are having a "Follow This Blog" CONTEST! to celebrate this fun new adventure!!! So, you should follow their blog, and enter their contest!! It is super easy to enter and the winner will have their choice of 2 stamp sets. One rubber and 1 digi.

The contest rules are as follows:
1. Sign up to follow the blog by December 20th, 2010
2. Provide a post on their personal blog promoting the contest (current followers just need to add a post to their blog)

Rise and Shine

I made this card for Operation Write Home. Seems like now a days that is all I make cards for. I love this girl with the red white and blue. She is colored with Prismacolor and Bic Mark its. I really like the punched stars with the red star brads to match :) I think it was a nice touch.

Gifts: Flower Pots

I love these little terracotta flower pots. They are 4 or 5" pots. I dont remember. In these pots (above) I used the half disc styrofoam for the "soil" in the pots. Hill side up. (The one on the left is hill side up, the one on the right was hillside down.)

I took the smaller scallop punch from SU for the flower petal part, punched TWO holes overlapping each other to get the desired opening for the treat to go through. To keep the petal on, I used floral tape to create a "stem" Start at the top and worked my way down. The tape does turn your fingers a little bit green. It washes off!

Starting with the top center I alternated my colors to make a colorful arrangement. They go in super easy. You dont need a whole lot of force because if you push too far, they sink later on.

I loved these! I made these again for my grandma and her roommate at her care facility she is in after her stroke. They loved them!!! Of course I used See's lollipops in theirs. If I knew my gram only wanted the chocolate ones, I would have only gotten chocolate. Now everytime I come to see her I always make sure to have REFILLS for her flower pot ;)

These flower pots are the ones I made for my grandma and her roomie :) I did get a little help from Diem on these. She kept trying to eat the Butterscotch ones!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Iron Paddock Ladies Strike Again!

Since I have been on this kick with the Bombshells for my OWH cards, I realized... I havent made my favorite Drewper a card in a long while. He even noticed it too! So shoot I better get my rear in gear!

I made him this card in his favorite colors! Black and Orange, which are also his business colors! I used a little gold a la mode pigment ink on the black surrounding the lovely lady. She is colored in Pismacolors, for her skin and hair. Her shirt is Paperpieced with some scrap orange paper I have. I used CB Stars embossing folder, rubbed SU Dusty Durango over it to give some bold and some faded orange color. Ribbon came from my secret sis from the Divine Secret Siblings on SCS.

I love this card! I almost didnt want to part with it! Luckily Drew keeps some up in his shop. Especially the ones that feature his business! :)

If It werent for the brave, there'd be no land of the free

I have totally been slacking. I was more prioritized to have my OWH blog hop post up for Veteran's day, that I completely forgot to post my ACTUAL Veteran's Day Cards!!! What the heck was wrong with me!!!!

I made a total of 20 Vets cards. All very simple, and they were all colored with Prismacolor AND watercolor pencil.... and a little SU marker here and there to help out some detail. I had a lot of thank you's for these cards. Some even said that not even their own family members told them Happy Veteran's Day! I guess people do not appreciate what they have! My favorite and heartfelt thank you came from my mom's "kissing cousin". I dont know how we are related, but we are some how. He was a POW in WWII. He was impressed that I cared so much to remember him on that special day.

The caption is right... If it werent for the brave, there'd be no land of the free

Bella time!

Feels like it has been forever since I have used a bella in a card. I received this bella in a WRAK on SCS. I had never seen it before. I knew I had *HAD* to have her. This card is one of my many for OWH. All the random paper is out of my stash... if I remember correctly. She is colored with... Prisma color, and SU. Butterfly punch is Martha. I love making this convertible look classic and retro!! Kind of like my Bombshell style!

I know its not Thursday!!

Okay, so I know its not Thursday, but I missed last weeks post due to family stuff. But anyway... Over the weekend. I celebrated my 25th birthday. I treated my self to a new top, and new shoes. You cant see the new shoes but... I will totally have to take a picture and post a picture of them.

My PA has been low, especially with the lack of time and the bad weather. I need to change that. And with that note. I am going to start allllllll over on this Thinspiration stuff. I made this pledge on.... Sunday. My real life birthday. I am going to lose 50 pounds by November 21st 2011. :) I have a notepad next to my scale in the bathroom ready to count down the pounds. Wish me luck, and hopefully I can stick with it!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

OWH Veterans Day Bloghop!

Happy Veteran's Day weekend everyone! :) Veteran's Day has to be one of my favorite holidays! So I figured why not participate in this blog hop!

And on that note: I am participating in my very first bloghop! I am so happy that OWH is having a special blog hop on Veterans Day Weekend!!! :) The theme is VALENTINES! Awww how sweet right?

Before we get to all the fun stuff, lets take care of business. If you have the time, please vote at Joanns - for OWH. :) It helps with much needed shipping costs. We all know it gets rather expensive! Currently the deadline for Christmas cards has passed, so lets get to moving on to the upcoming holiday of VALENTINES DAY!!! The deadline for Valentines Day cards to be sent to the shippers is NO LATER THAN January 7th of 2011! So get to crackin!

If you are following along in the OWH Blog hop, you should have followed me from Patti at

what are you inking?, If not, you can start from the beginning of this wonderful bloghop at : Homefront at Homefront Blog . So now on to the fun stuff!! :)

Here is one of my MANY Valentine's Day cards:

If you are a first time reader of my blog, then you must know about me that I am a HUGE Bombshell Stamps fan. :) My SU demo Lena makes fun of me because I typically use my bombshells on pretty much every single card I make. They also make PERFECT Valentine's Day cards... Especially for men.

She is stamped on watercolor paper, and colored with Prismacolor (light peach), and SU Poppy Parade, and accented with Black Bic Mark-its. The Gold Ribbon I hijacked out of my SU Demo's random stash of ribbon.

Thanks for joining in on the fun. Next lovely cardmaker on the blog hop is Velda at 

Old Stamper. She has some fun things in store for you! Enjoy your Veteran's Day Weekend, and thank a former or current military member. Tell them how thankful you are for your freedom :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Back to the Grind: Thinspiration Thursday

So I have been totally MIA for the past few weeks. Long story short. My Grandma had a stroke, and I have been super busy with taking care of her along side a few other family members. We were commuting every other day down to Sebastapol, but we recently changed that to we go two days, someone else takes two days, and then we get another two days. It has really taken a toll on my body, and we eat like crap, or we dont eat enough. But surprisingly, I have not gained or lost and weight. My PA has changed. With the massive amounts of rain, we had two rain outs for soccer, we had a game last weekend. We won 5-0, and we are tied for 4th place. We need to win this game to make it to play offs. Last Wednesday, Julie and I walked around Redwood Valley. We walked from her house, on School Way, up West Road, and down East Road (which I live on) and back to her house... THATS 8.3 MILES! And its not all flat land either!! We were soooooo sore from that walk. But we are planning our next adventure before we get bombarded with rain!

Here is the last picure of Diem and I before she went to Arizona. Of course we had to take a silly one as she and I are silly girls. Grandma Linda found us matching shirts. It was like heck to get Diem to put that shirt on.

I need to get back in gear on this posting nonsense. I need to reevaluate my goals. Oh well... Until next week.