Thursday, June 30, 2011

I wish I looked this good on a bike

So I decided to pull out my Cricut the other day. I am just relearning the basics.
With this card, I just used different size circles cut out from the cartridge, Plantin Schoolbook.

I also havent really used embossing folders in a while either, I used my CB Stars folder, and used Bermuda Bay to accent it. Bermuda Bay is probably one of my favorite Stampin Up colors.

This stamp is from Stamping Bella, and this stamp is called "I wish I looked so good on a bike ABELLA" She is one of my newer stamps, and she gets a lot of use. I just adore that little dog!! She has been stamped in Versafine and colored with Prismacolor marker and Stampin Up Marker.

Its a sunny day here!!! Its nice to see some sunshine after the few gloomy days we have had!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Handmade gift exchange :)

My partner is from IOWA of all places. :) (Most know that I spent 4 years in Iowa... so when I meet people from there, its like reliving college.)  So Julie if youre reading this!! HI!!!! :) I altered this notebook for her using Recollections animal print paper, and I used some of my flowers from my stash. The bling was a new purchase, who would have thought I would buy BLING! I also used Icicle Stickles. I really hope she likes it! I didnt know what colors she liked, or anything I guess I should have been a better partner!!! You cant see the inside, but I love the paper on the inside, it matches the patterned paper on the outside. In her little package, I also included some die cut daffodils I made :) I am glad I found a great home for them!

Be sure to check out my exchange partner's blog. (HERE) She is a whiz on the cricut. Maybe she can give me lessons? I need to start using my cricut. I guess youre either a stamper or a cricut-teer!

Friday, June 24, 2011

OWH kids!

I never really use clip art, or already colored digis. But lately, I have. I found this clip art, and as soon as I saw it... OWH came popping into my noggin! I am going to make more, and plan to ship a bunch to each shipper. (Like 10 a piece)

Oddly enough this card is dark, but you get the idea of what it is. I really enjoy the use of our Nation's colors. and I love that I got to use my stars CB embossing folder. I used SU night of navy over the top of it.

I hope this card finds itself a great home!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Way to Beat the Heat!!

Feet in the water. Yes, it was cold. And I was wearing a dress.

I wish I could build something like this. There were atleast a dozen of them.
It is hotter than, well... you know here in my area. I live in a house, with NO central air. We have ceiling fans, but that doesn't work well when people come in and out of the house. My parents are back in the area. I kind of suggested a family trip to the coast where it is a million degrees cooler there!!! Tuesday it was supposed to be in the LOW triple digits. I looked at my mom, and said... we should plan a trip to the coast. She replied with maybe this week. We looked into our schedules and with appointments, and helping out with Grandma... we just figured... what the hell lets just go today!!! So Monday we enjoyed a great trip to the Mendocino Coast. We checked out the little shops. I got my all time favorite thing... MENDOCINO MUSTARD!!! well this was a special kind its made with "suds" and you cant find it in the stores. It is made with Red Seal Ale, which is made in Fort Bragg, California. I cannot wait to make a huge sandwich with it!! mmmmmm it is calling my name!! Maybe I will just dip my french fries in it. What the hey right? We went to two different beaches, and I didnt collect any shells, but I did collect some rocks! Some for my friend Jen, who likes organic things that are shaped like hearts. I take credit for this as I got her started on it. I found a bunch of rocks to do some painting on with little D when she gets back from Arizona. I cannot wait. I also got to spend some time with my mom! Here are some pictures from the adventure!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Broke a OWH rule... NO GLITTER!

Please ignore the black blemish.
I made this card originally for OWH. but I did a big NO NO in the OWH world, so it will not be joining its friends... I swear I just broke the cardinal rule... NO GLITTER!!!! So instead it will go into my stash, along side its sister. Yes. I made two of them.

Paper: Comes from my 12x12 stashes
Ink: Versafine <---- love!
Stamp: ippity
Embellishments: Recollections, and Stickles icicles.

Monday, June 20, 2011

First Summer Weekend!!! :)

Marissa and I after the BBQ :)
Normally I blog about my cards, my projects, Bombshell Stamps and Operation Write Home. But I figure for once. I will post pictures of my great weekend.

Most know me as a stay at home kind of person. I am very quiet until you get to know me. I am opinionated, and yet keep it to myself unless you ruffle my tail feathers just a little bit. Well. This weekend. I spend the weekend at what I call.. CAMP JENNA. I stayed the night at Jen's and we had two days full of adventures.

The better picture of Marissa and I
Originally.. Jenna, her friend Travis and I were going to have a yard sale... I HAVE A CRAP TON OF DIEM STUFF TO GET RID OF. I got a phone call SATURDAY from Jen that we werent going to yard sale it up, they were going to go to the river.... and she asked if I wanted to go. OF COURSE! Gets me out of the house and all my responsbilities that I needed to do that day. They picked me up at 10, and we headed to the river! We spent a good solid 4 hours at the river... Too cold to get in, but hot enough to enjoy the sun, and drink beer. (sidenote: always have a DD -- Designated Dave, Designated Driver whatever you want to call it). Travis' friend lives in Potter and invited us over for horseshoes. We accepted... Jen and I were the only girls surrounded by guys who have been drinking and playing horseshoes all day. We left Travis there for a while when we were like, you know... we smell like a river, we are planning to go BBQ later today... so we better get cleaned up. We went and got some food, showered... cleaned up... (we looked really good too!) and headed back to pick up Travis. This was fun picking up Travis. The guys asked us where we were going... told them the Firemens BBQ and well... that lead to a bunch of different stories... INVOLVING ME. I met a cute guy ;) (even if he is a Ginger) he had some good one liners for me... and well all the guys there apparently know my family. Got to love living in a small town (Reminds me of the Cheers theme song where everyone knows your name!!!!). After we left there, went to the BBQ... saw waaaaaaay too many people that I know. My friends did point that out to me where I know just about everyone. Had a few beers, and God must have answered my prayers about not having any red wine spilled on me.... but I guess I forgot to pray that I didnt get any beer spilled on me.... (Thank you Diem's babysitter for making me spill beer on that girl, and on myself).
RIP Nemo. It was nice knowing you for the last 10 minutes of your life.

Jenna throwing sticks for Moe-dog
Sunday, was our day of rest, but Jen and I took the dog (Moe) to the lake. We walked the dam and threw some sticks for Moe, and he eventually ate them. Oh Moe!! While standing on one of the docks we came across this little Fish. We knew it was its last legs... wait fish dont have legs.. ANYWAY! I thought it would swim away if I tried to catch it... Well It let me... After closer examination... it was on its way to dying. Someone used him as it looks like live bait. You could see two clear puncture wounds to his noggin. We tried letting him go back in the water, he wasnt sinking and he was just FLOATING. Moe kept trying to eat him. I was not letting that happen.... so.... We gave NEMO the proper burial with euology and song. Courtesy of Jenna.
Jen and Moe
I finished off my evening playing soccer for my women's league. We lost. but We still had fun. I am sunburned and dog tired... But I am one happy clam!!!

I guess maybe I should include a card with this blog post... GOTTA MAKE SURE TO MAKE THE CROWD HAPPY!!!! :) :)

OWH card... Colored by Diem (age 4)
Diem likes to color my Digis while I am not looking. This was one of them. I have so many of these I was just thinking... WHY NOT GIVE THEM TO OWH!!!! And, she even got credit on the card too :) My little OWH star!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When life gives you Lemons......

I love following the OWH blog hops. It is always an adventure, and you never know what youre going to find along the way. I found this digi stamp on one of my tours through the memorial day blog hop. I couldnt resist in picking it up along the way.

See the sentiment reads: When life gives you Lemons, throw them back and DEMAND chocolate!

I am totally the opposite. I would rather enjoy a lemon over chocolate. Actually I get weird cravings to just sit down and eat a lemon. Not like an apple or anything, I like to cut it into wedges, and eat them out of a bowl. I have been doing it for years. My dentist keeps telling me to NOT do it anymore. I really started doing it back in 2001 when I had braces.... And this is the times youre not supposed to!!!! It takes the brackets off. Well it eats at the glue.

Sorry its so dark, it was taken with my phone. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bombshell Magnets

Happy Birthday Jenna!!
This is my second gift to Jenna... A slew of Bombshell magnets for her house. I really like the USC one for her. She is a HUGE USC fan... I am not!! Far from it.

I stamped and colored these Bombshell ladies on cardstock, and adhered them to my magnet sheets. Simple right?!

I hope Jen enjoys!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthday birthday!!!

I have been making card for my June birthdays, and I figured OWH needed some birthday cards for my shippers stash. I made a bunch of these cute critters for some birthday fun.

"Age is only a number.... my is Unlisted."

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bombshell Bracelets

 Today, is my friend Jenna's 26th birthday. She AWESOME, and she is definitely my opposite. (In more ways than one!!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA!!
This post and a few others is dedicated to YOU!!!!!

So I have really been taking a break from cards. Shhhh Dont tell! I have decided to work on some craft projects for a bit, and try some new stuff.

A while back I came across this tutorial on Bombshell Stamps Blog, by Alison, and I was like, Hell. Why not try it out. My best friend Jenna's birthday is Friday, and I wanted to do this thing where ALL of her gifts were going to be homemade. This is going to be ONE of like THREE posts in relevance to her birthday. So HANG ON FOR THE RIDE!!!

Jenna is one of my friends who has several different styles, but one thing she likes to promote is SHOP LOCAL, and SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS. Well. Here we are. I guess thats where I am ranking.

These ladies are from Bombshell Stamps, and  have been colored with Prismacolor marker and Bic Mark its, stamped on tissue paper, and adhered with Mod Podge. I love making these. I think I might make them for myself.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dogs for OWH

A while back, Ciara, from OWH. (If you do not know who Ciara is, check out OWH and while youre at it, make a card to make up for the lack of not knowing who she is ;) ) had a challenge to make dog cards for OWH.

Well I went DOG CRAZY recently and made my own dogs for OWH, and I made sure almost all my dogs were a bit different. This one is my favorite. The dog was handdrawn... and was supposed to resemble a "Scotty dog", but I personally think it looks like a bull terrier. Or the Target dog, who is a Bull Terrier if you didnt know ;) Bull Terriers are my DREAM dog. Some day I will own one.

I hope you enjoy! And take some time to make some OWH cards... we are trying to reach our goal of the 2 Millionth card!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June Pin Up Challenge at Bombshell Stamps

Grrr... Wild Thing

Here is my take on my OWN challenge for Bombshell Stamps Monthly Pin Up Challenge.
If you didnt know, I am Bombshell Stamps Guest Design Team Member for the month of June :) .

I had been thinking long and hard about what I was going to do for a challenge... previous challenges were wedding themed, linens and lace, and now.. its my turn! I had thought about doing something different, like anything but a card... but while I was writing a PM to Kathi, I came up with the idea... WILD THING. I came up with this due to the fact, Diem's cat just had babies!! So I had cats on the noggin there for a while. I think this was a brilliant idea now, as I was just recently organizing my paper and I never realized how much animal print paper I have! So why not use it up!

I figure that the Cat idea might be a hit, and easier theme for most of the ladies. I decided to come up with a second example. I came up with the peacock idea after rummaging through my Recollections Animal Kingdom paper.

The cat card and the peacock card are both a Easel card. I love to make Easel cards. They are soooooooo fun! and simple, once you get the hang of it all. All papers are Recollections.  Both have their own accents on them. I made the cat tail and ears myself, hand written sentiments, and detail work. Both lovely ladies have been colored and paper pieced. Colored with Prismacolor and Stampin Up Stampin Write Markers. I really enjoyed how paper piecing gives it a different appearance. For example, the feathers have been cut of feather patterned paper that matches the outfit on the Peacock bombshell.

I hope you enjoy, and I hope you come out and play with us!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Its never too early for Christmas cards!

Its never too early to start making Christmas cards. Especially when its for a good cause. The deadline as of right now to send in OWH Christmas cards is October 31st. Which also happens to be Halloween. I have challenged myself to make 200 OWH Christmas cards, and or Christmas AnyHero mail.

During the Memorial Day weekend, I started making my stash of Christmas cards. I had some paper I had forgotten about. I felt it went perfect with this Studio G dual stamp set I bought at Jo Anns last year. The Stamp used to accent the Dear Santa is actually a Christmas stamp border from {ippity}.

The front says: Dear Santa...
Inside says: Define "Good"

I love this stamp set, I hope to make a bunch more using this set.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dogs for OWH

I came across a card using a dog similar to this one in my former SU Demo's stampin connection magazine, and I knew *KNEW!!!* I could draw one of these dogs.

What dog lover wouldnt like one of these cards!

All papers are Recollections, except the patterned one which was given to me from my Aunt Marie. I used the MS border punch, and I love how the brads are great accents to the dogs apperance.

I made several different styles of these dogs. I think they are supposed to look like "Scotty" dogs, but They kind of have a Bull Terrier apperance. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Disney Series #2: Woody

Happy Birthday Aaron John Joseph Medina!
(Otherwise known as 'boyfriend')

I can not believe youre going to be TWO!
Just seems I just got over the shock of your brother being born! And here you are!

I made this card for Aaron (Adam is his big brother) and I made it to match Adam's Buzz Lightyear card.

Their sisters first birthday is next month... Maybe I should make her a Jessie card? haha.

{ippity} border stamp is the same as the Buzz card, and all papers come from Recollections, and the image is also computer generated.

Happy Birthday 'boyfriend'.. I Love you!! I hope to see you soon!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Disney Series #1: Buzz Lightyear

Happy Early Birthday to Adam Tomas Medina!
I cant believe he is going to be 3! Seems like just yesterday I was making a list of baby names for is mom and dad NOT to pick. Happy birthday little friend!

I had some paper in my stash that I wanted to use up, and they looked like they would be perfect for a kids card. I was going through my list of JUNE birthdays, and Adam was the first kids name to show up, right along his brother Aaron! They happen to share the same birthday! (Just exactly one year apart!)

When I was putting these papers together, I didnt have a image in mind yet. I was setting them out, it clicked.... BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!! For those of you who dont know who Buzz Lightyear is, he is one of the main characters from Toy Story.

When I was living in Arizona I loved how Adam was learning how to talk, and how clearly he could say WOODY. Maybe I should have made him a Woody card? Nah!

The border has been stamped by a birthday {ippity}set and cut out. The image of Buzz is computer generated, and his name has been stamped out.
Adam, Happy Birthday little friend!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Missing you

I love this mini stamp set from My Favorite Things.
This set is from the Who's that Girl collection, and its called. CALL ME.
I love this set for Operation Write Home cards. :)

I hope someone enjoys it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!
Please take some time to respect those who have fought and died for our country. You may not agree with what they are fighting for, but they are fighting for you to be able to have your own opinions. I personally have not lost any friends or family close to me in battle, but I have friends who have. I want to thank all my friends and family who have served our great military.

I made atleast 20 of these flag cards for Operation Write Home. They look simple but man did they take forever to make. I love them, and how classic they are.