Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When life gives you Lemons......

I love following the OWH blog hops. It is always an adventure, and you never know what youre going to find along the way. I found this digi stamp on one of my tours through the memorial day blog hop. I couldnt resist in picking it up along the way.

See the sentiment reads: When life gives you Lemons, throw them back and DEMAND chocolate!

I am totally the opposite. I would rather enjoy a lemon over chocolate. Actually I get weird cravings to just sit down and eat a lemon. Not like an apple or anything, I like to cut it into wedges, and eat them out of a bowl. I have been doing it for years. My dentist keeps telling me to NOT do it anymore. I really started doing it back in 2001 when I had braces.... And this is the times youre not supposed to!!!! It takes the brackets off. Well it eats at the glue.

Sorry its so dark, it was taken with my phone. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Lena said...

me too! Id rather have a lemon anything!

JulieK said...

Very cute card! When I was pregnant (10 years ago), the smell of lemons would make me sick. To this day I still can not eat lemons! So sad I know :( I used to love them.

Emily Ann said...

JulieK: I dont know what I would do with out lemons!! I love them :) Maybe future kitchen decor?

Mary G. said...

LOVE this card! Great sentiment!! I think I might "need" to get that one!!! Very pretty!

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