Friday, May 28, 2010

Angelica's Graduation

Congratulations on your graduation Angelica.
Here are just a few pictures of your graduation. I hope you enjoyed your day! We are all so proud of you and your accomplishments. Now onward and forward to the next step in your life. Just remember I will always be right beside you on your next step of your journey. Good luck to you, and keep your head held high.

Thinspiration FRIDAY!!!!

I literally just got home from my walk, uploaded my pictures, and now I am sitting here, about to post my walk of the morning... I may take a second one later... I am also writing a good old fashioned snail mail letter to my bestie Lena! **hi Lena!!!!**

So like I promised in yesterday's post. I would put pictures up from yesterday's walk!

This is totally unmotivating!!! I saw this trailer and I had to take a picture of it!!! Grub on the go! Tater tots, chili cheese fries, DEEP FRIED hot dogs, burgers, chicken tenders, corn dogs, onion rings, BBQ Beef. French Fries, Nachos. WHAT THE HECK!!! I am avoiding this street from now on! Heck with your subliminal messages! I don't need this garbage. I am saying strong and not being tempted by this nonsense!!!! GRRRRR
 Here is my little friend who followed me down the street here for a few blocks. He was just be bopping down the street and I couldn't resist looking at him. By the way... Diem's grandparents, John and Kathy (Kathytacks) are MISSING their desert tortoise "Curly". I wonder if this was him!!!! And he knew me!!! HA HA. I doubt it.. But it could have been! But isn't this a face only a mother could love?Here is my picture for today!!! Me on my walk.... here are my stats for today:  3147 steps, and 1.539 miles. Yes, I know... Its not up to my normal 2 mile average... But... I am thinking about taking another walk today. I need to get my rear in gear! But here are some other pictures I took today. Basically of cars... hahah I like the classics ;)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

THINspiration Update!!!

I have totally been slacking on the posting of my walks for my THINspiration. So... Here is my up to date total... kind of I need to upload today's pictures... So I WILL post that part tomorrow.

May 21- .611 miles (not even worth it. I got a delay, and it got too dark!) 1250 steps

May 22nd, I made up for the 21st by getting in TWO WALKS!!! So, walk number one... I walked 4595 Steps and 2.248 miles with cousin Amber.
This is in someone's yard. I thought it was pretty neat!

Walk number two! Was with Katie.... 3.555 miles and 7267 steps.
This was on a picnic table at the park. I loved the color!!!

May 23rd 2.056 miles, and 4203 steps
This on one of the streets I walked on... I thought this was funny... PAINe Lane... as there is a field of cacti behind it. I thought it was hilarious!

May 24th Miles 2.208 4541 Steps
So, as of the 24th... I had walked a total of 36348 steps, and 17.781 miles. I am on a roll!!! But today (5/27/10) I walked 5274 steps, and 2.570 miles, so that!!! Brings me to 41602 steps and 20.351 miles. I am on a roll to my first goal of 100 miles. Then it will be 250, then 500, then... who knows what. But I am on a mission and it needs to be completed. I hope my thinspiration is helping someone here! I need to just blog some more photos of me along the way... So please enjoy the next following photos!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Altered Notepad

Here is another one of my crafty gifts I made for Kathy's birthday. I made it match her goodie box I made her by using my scraps that were left over.

#1) Scallop punch two red piece of paper.. One adhere black buttons and decorate with Glitter glue. Second Red scallop circle, adhere to covered notebook.

#2) Cover the notebook with red paper, then with the mickey patterned paper. I used my Xyron 900 for the adhering part as I can run them through at the same time. Then cover notebook. And add Red scallop circle.
#3) Using pop dots, add the scallop circle with the mickey on it to the scallop circle that is on the notebook. And finish off with decorating a paper clip to match. (I used red paper, and a rub on I got from Lena to help make it match).

Happy Birthday "Kathy Tacks"

Here is my first "tutorial-esque" project!!
I made this birthday gift for Diem's Grandma Kathy for her 49th Birthday present.
Here is kind of what I did :)

#1) Go to a place like Walmart, or your local craft store, and find one of these "storage" "bead" organizers. There are many to choose from... I picked this one out as it has 17 compartments.

#2) Pick out items your receipent will enjoy to fill the compartments. I chose things for a more "office survival kit" as Grandma Kathy is always on the road. Here are some of items included....

Paper Clips
Powder drink mixes
Shout Wipes

#3) Go home and fill the compartments... I had to be secretive about this gift as it was time consuming... Plus I was eating some of the treats... Hey, I had to make sure they werent poisioned!!! ;)
#4) Tie a bow of the color of your choice around the outside of the box and cut off access.
#5) First... You will need to trace the top of the box with a sheet of spare paper... scrap mostly... Then use it as a stencil for the primary paper you are going to use. Use adhesive to keep it kept down. :) I used regular snail type adhesive...
#6) Decorate another set of paper (I did blue as the base) and build on top of it. Personalize it to the best of your knowledge of your receipent. Kathy really likes Disney and Disney land, hence the mickey mouse patterned paper. Her favorite color is red and it goes perfect with Mickey Mouse!

I hope she enjoys it.

This gift would also be perfect as teachers gifts!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have totally been slacking!!!

Everyone, I apologize. I need to update my blog like ASAP!!!! So First! I am going to post my SU- Always card! :) I love how the bird just pops!

My ippity card, using the scraps from my SU card.

I love this girl from The Greeting Farm... The swallow/sparrow whatever rub on and image of girl comes from Lena Lou. This card is better in person!!!
I got this image from a wonderful friend for my special week on WRAK. I colored with marker first, then accented with pastels from SU.

Here is another card stamped with a ippity set :) Stamped in Pacific point SU ink

Alterered treat box and covered with left over scrap paper. This container is used to hold just a few of my stamped images people have given me. I love it.

I am sooooo in love with this cowgirl easel (vertical) card!!! I didnt think she would come out that wonderful... BUT SHE DID!!! I was going to mail it to Drew, but I may just keep it for myself! ahahaha... <-- Evil Laugh.
My last card of the past... ummm few days? This is a horizontal easel card. I love it but not as much as the cowgirl one.

All of these cards have been made Saturday through Today (Tuesday). I hope you have all enjoyed them... I sure have!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Congratulations Angelica Louise

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." - e.e cummings.

This pretty simple card in such rustic colors is more than likely... 90 % sure my "cousin" Angelica's graduation card. She graduates in about a week, so I needed to get my BB (Big Behind) in gear and get her graduation card made. I hope she likes it. :)

Ippity stamps, stamped in close to cocoa...  (Might be my new favorite color besides pumpkin pie?)

Oo La La!

Here is what I have been up to in the past few hours.. I am still childless... So I have a bunch of cards to make! I dont have a purpose or a theme... Just to get them done!! HAHAHA. I have a shoe box of blank cards that I have made over the past year... So every time I take a picture, I put the card in the shoe box. But here are two new cards I made with my OO LA LA set from PMS. Love this set! :) Too much fun!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here is my newest plan!

So! I am trying to find new ways to use my blog. I want to put it to good use, and I was telling my bestie Lena the other day I have decided that I am going to blog about all my walks that I do. I want to shed some LBS... but I want to feel motivated to do something. So. Here is what I am going to do... I am going to try to blog each day that I walk. Since I wear a pedometer when I go on my walks... I will be able to tell you how far I walked each day. I journal my stats every day. I dont really care about the calorie count, but I do like to know... How far I have walked (miles) and how many steps I have taken... and oh! How long have I walked. When I go for walks... I like to bring my camera... because you never know what youre going to find. So. Here are pictures from the past two days.

Tuesday... This is one of the flowers I took a picture of on my walk. I thought the colors were amazing!!! I really liked it. I havent seen tooo many flowers in the area... I do see a lot of roses. Gorgeous Red roses that remind me of the Queen of Hearts from Alice and Wonderland. They are that red! Like when all the other cards are painting the white roses red. Now I have... "We have to paint the roses red... we have to paint the roses red!!!" stuck in my head right now... Silly me... I know.

Then this following picture... I see a lot of these in people's yards. I want to know what they are... The little strands coming off are like flamingo pink! They are pretty cool...
Now for my Stats for Tuesday.... Steps... 6041 Miles...2.955

I guess I should take a picture of this wicked sunburn I have!! hahaha. I ran into Mia's mom Michelle who I havent seen in 2 years!!! We exchanged phone numbers... It will be nice to hang out with someone who knows exactly what its like to be a momma at my age. She is amazing, and she is putting my name out there for jobs in the Kingman area. Her mom happens to work at a school!! So hopefully that will help me out a little bit in getting into the education department!

Now this walk was a long one!! Here is my stats... 8478 Steps, 4.148 Miles.
Here is my picture....

I love that color orange!!!! LOVE IT!

So. On that note... I will be keeping everyone updated on my blog about my walking progress... I have decided to treat myself to something at 100 miles, and 500 miles... if you want to join me on my journey of success... Let me know!!! I want to know everything about your progress too and we can support one another!!! How about that for "thinspiration".

I am not amused.

I dont think I am too impressed with how this card came out... I mean I like it, but I dont. I do love the color combo... I guess thats because those are the colors I have been using a lot of lately... I hope you enjoy it... Its from the new ippity sets... Stamped in SU!

I think I am in love...

With this card....

Sentiment reads, There comes a point in your life when you realize who really matters who never did and who always will...

I love that sentiment. Its so completely true! This is one of the new ippity sets!! I love it! I stamped in Close to Cocoa, Not Quite Navy, Old Olive. I chalked the vine and the leaves with old olive and not quite navy. You cant really see the base, but I stamped my own pattern in close to cocoa. I love this card. I wasnt sure if I would at first... It came together quite nicely!

Who's that Girl?

I just got some new stamps in the mail, as this is one of them! Its Maid for you by My Favorite things. I love this set, I love the little sentiments it comes with :) I hope you enjoy!

Rise and Shine, You are the sunrise in my eyes!

I got this layout idea from a card that was featured on the SCS fan page on Facebook. I liked the idea, but I wanted to Emilyfy it :) Of course I had to use the Rise and Shine Bombshell from Bombshell stamps... I used some of her accessories that came with it to accent the 3 squares. She is stamped in basic black, and colored with my trusty duo of Prismacolor and Bic Mark its. and the squares are stamped in Pacific Point, More Mustard, and I believe Pumpkin Pie.

Here is where I got the idea from :)

I Hope you enjoy!