Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here is my newest plan!

So! I am trying to find new ways to use my blog. I want to put it to good use, and I was telling my bestie Lena the other day I have decided that I am going to blog about all my walks that I do. I want to shed some LBS... but I want to feel motivated to do something. So. Here is what I am going to do... I am going to try to blog each day that I walk. Since I wear a pedometer when I go on my walks... I will be able to tell you how far I walked each day. I journal my stats every day. I dont really care about the calorie count, but I do like to know... How far I have walked (miles) and how many steps I have taken... and oh! How long have I walked. When I go for walks... I like to bring my camera... because you never know what youre going to find. So. Here are pictures from the past two days.

Tuesday... This is one of the flowers I took a picture of on my walk. I thought the colors were amazing!!! I really liked it. I havent seen tooo many flowers in the area... I do see a lot of roses. Gorgeous Red roses that remind me of the Queen of Hearts from Alice and Wonderland. They are that red! Like when all the other cards are painting the white roses red. Now I have... "We have to paint the roses red... we have to paint the roses red!!!" stuck in my head right now... Silly me... I know.

Then this following picture... I see a lot of these in people's yards. I want to know what they are... The little strands coming off are like flamingo pink! They are pretty cool...
Now for my Stats for Tuesday.... Steps... 6041 Miles...2.955

I guess I should take a picture of this wicked sunburn I have!! hahaha. I ran into Mia's mom Michelle who I havent seen in 2 years!!! We exchanged phone numbers... It will be nice to hang out with someone who knows exactly what its like to be a momma at my age. She is amazing, and she is putting my name out there for jobs in the Kingman area. Her mom happens to work at a school!! So hopefully that will help me out a little bit in getting into the education department!

Now this walk was a long one!! Here is my stats... 8478 Steps, 4.148 Miles.
Here is my picture....

I love that color orange!!!! LOVE IT!

So. On that note... I will be keeping everyone updated on my blog about my walking progress... I have decided to treat myself to something at 100 miles, and 500 miles... if you want to join me on my journey of success... Let me know!!! I want to know everything about your progress too and we can support one another!!! How about that for "thinspiration".


Lena said...

the plant is called a bottle brush plant (Callistemon) hummingbirds love em

Danie M said...

Hi Emily,

Ditto Lena on the plant name. They can grow quite big and come in a variety of colours and they attract all sorts of birds. We have one in our yard here in Australia which is as tall as the house and the lorikeets just love it. Good on you for blogging about your walking its a sure fire way to keep motivated to do it.

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