Thursday, May 27, 2010

THINspiration Update!!!

I have totally been slacking on the posting of my walks for my THINspiration. So... Here is my up to date total... kind of I need to upload today's pictures... So I WILL post that part tomorrow.

May 21- .611 miles (not even worth it. I got a delay, and it got too dark!) 1250 steps

May 22nd, I made up for the 21st by getting in TWO WALKS!!! So, walk number one... I walked 4595 Steps and 2.248 miles with cousin Amber.
This is in someone's yard. I thought it was pretty neat!

Walk number two! Was with Katie.... 3.555 miles and 7267 steps.
This was on a picnic table at the park. I loved the color!!!

May 23rd 2.056 miles, and 4203 steps
This on one of the streets I walked on... I thought this was funny... PAINe Lane... as there is a field of cacti behind it. I thought it was hilarious!

May 24th Miles 2.208 4541 Steps
So, as of the 24th... I had walked a total of 36348 steps, and 17.781 miles. I am on a roll!!! But today (5/27/10) I walked 5274 steps, and 2.570 miles, so that!!! Brings me to 41602 steps and 20.351 miles. I am on a roll to my first goal of 100 miles. Then it will be 250, then 500, then... who knows what. But I am on a mission and it needs to be completed. I hope my thinspiration is helping someone here! I need to just blog some more photos of me along the way... So please enjoy the next following photos!!


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