Friday, May 28, 2010

Thinspiration FRIDAY!!!!

I literally just got home from my walk, uploaded my pictures, and now I am sitting here, about to post my walk of the morning... I may take a second one later... I am also writing a good old fashioned snail mail letter to my bestie Lena! **hi Lena!!!!**

So like I promised in yesterday's post. I would put pictures up from yesterday's walk!

This is totally unmotivating!!! I saw this trailer and I had to take a picture of it!!! Grub on the go! Tater tots, chili cheese fries, DEEP FRIED hot dogs, burgers, chicken tenders, corn dogs, onion rings, BBQ Beef. French Fries, Nachos. WHAT THE HECK!!! I am avoiding this street from now on! Heck with your subliminal messages! I don't need this garbage. I am saying strong and not being tempted by this nonsense!!!! GRRRRR
 Here is my little friend who followed me down the street here for a few blocks. He was just be bopping down the street and I couldn't resist looking at him. By the way... Diem's grandparents, John and Kathy (Kathytacks) are MISSING their desert tortoise "Curly". I wonder if this was him!!!! And he knew me!!! HA HA. I doubt it.. But it could have been! But isn't this a face only a mother could love?Here is my picture for today!!! Me on my walk.... here are my stats for today:  3147 steps, and 1.539 miles. Yes, I know... Its not up to my normal 2 mile average... But... I am thinking about taking another walk today. I need to get my rear in gear! But here are some other pictures I took today. Basically of cars... hahah I like the classics ;)


Lena said...

oh dont let tony see those classics !

Chris (catt871) said...

OMG that tortoise is CUTE!!!!! I wish we had those just strolling down the street!!!! LOL

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