Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Diem's FIRST hair cut!

The day had come.... Diem needed to get her FIRST hair cut!!! Her Aunt Angela did the trim for us... For those of you who know Diem... 1... she doesnt like her picture taken. And 2.... She has some really long hair!!! Here is to another milestone in the baby book!
Aunt Angela, spraying her hair... Diem liked this part!
THE FIRST SNIP!!! This is where I thought I was going to lose it!!

I am so glad we didnt have ANY tears during the cutting process, and she sat there so well. I guess it was because she was comfortable with family doing the snipping. And it must have been normal for her as she had me sitting in front of her snapping pictures. (Got to make sure that everyone gets to see the action!!)
We are getting close to the end. This was the part that D didnt like. She is just like me... Doesnt like ANY hair in the face! She kept trying to brush it out of her face.
Diem's Final Product Finishes With A Smile!!!!!! I will try to get a picture of the back of her head soon so everyone can see how much we took off... We only cut about 2-2 1/2 inches off... MAYBE. Just the little baby hairs. My little 3 year old isnt a baby anymore!! Dont worry Mom's I saved the hair for the baby book!!! I noticed this morning, that she and I pretty much have the same hair style. She has a Mommy hair cut!! :) Clean and Simple. :)

Oh I must add... Adam (Diem's cousin) got his hair cut too... so here is a picture of Adam's little boy hair cut. No it is not his first hair cut.


Lena said...

love the pics! Shes getting to be so big :(

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