Thursday, May 6, 2010

For my Jenna

For those who know my relationship with one of my best, and dearest friends, Jenna Shepherd. (I some times have called her JENA, CINNAMON, or even her pen name Genevieve... man I think I spelled that correctly!) We all know she is my "hippie" friend. I love her dearly and I do a lot of crazy stuff for this girl. One thing I have been doing is looking at nature in a completely different perspective. An artistic eye sees differently than someone with the naked eye. I on the other hand like to look for things in nature that remind me of Jenna. So far. I have two things in my arsenal for her. Both items are soooooo full of love... that they are in shapes of HEARTS!!! ;) Bet you didnt see that one coming now did you? Here is my newest find for the sweet Jenna... it just kind of snuck up on me the other day while I was at the park. So for your viewing pleasure... here is my newest found love for Jenna... oh yeah, I had a little bit of company while taking the picture ;)


BonnieRose said...

what a great photo!

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