Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Katie Lou's 18th Birthday gifts

Most people know my relationship with Katie is very unique... We like to call ourselves the black sheep of the family. I love this girl to pieces! So for her birthday, I got her a random gift.

Here is Katie opening it...

Okay, so I got her some of her favorite candy, a wallet and shes opening up the grand finale!!!!!

A coconut :)

Yep we have a random friendship  :)
Happy 18th Katie Did.

Emily= Slacker

Where have I been this past week?! Seriously! I have been keeping busy, but doing less art! EEEP! That is not normal for me! But Anyway.. Here are some THINspiration cards I made the other day. One is for my friend Kim, and one is for my bestie, Lena. I hope they enjoy them! Stamped in Stazon, and colored with Bic Mark its. Distressed with SU colors.

I have been working on a lot more Operation Write Home cards. :) Stamped in Stazon and colored with Prismacolor and Bic Mark its.

And here is a picture of my nephew Aaron and I :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthdays, Just because, and Operation Write Home

I have been trying to craft as much as possible!! I have made several cards this weekend... Here they are for a debut!!

Just Because:

Happy Birthday:

This is for Katie. Her 18th Birthday is tomorrow!

Operation Write Home:

Here is what I have been up to :) I hope you enjoy!

Friday, June 11, 2010

No Matter How You Slice It..... You are the Best!

SO, Diem wanted to help her Mama do "craft stuff" last night. So of course... I took her up on the offer.... She was watching my sponge some ink on some white card stock, and well she thought she could help too... Which was all great until she dropped the ONLY ORANGE ink pad on the floor and then she tried to punish it by telling the pad that it is "a bad "point" you shouldnt do that. If you do that you should go on TIME OUT!" Silly girl.. Then she ended up with ink all over her hands and face... She was sooo stinking cute about it... I couldnt help but laugh. Here is a picture of her little gremlin hands!
Yes, Only Orange looks like Cheeto Dust!!!
Any way... the out come of this were these two cards. One is for the sprINKles challege on Facebook. :)

I got the stamps from Purple Onion. I love them. They are sooo cute and came with a ton of sentiments. You cant tell but the wedge is done with Pop Dots. I sponged the cardstock, and colored the Limes with colored Pencil. I hope you enjoy!

Water filled few days!

Happy Early Summer from Mia, Diem and ME! We were enjoying the sprinkler the other day... I love this picture of us... for one... DIEM IS SMILING!!!

Diem, Amber, Angelica and I went swimming on Wednesday... Diem loved the pool... she got princess floaties, and a floatie tube to match. She of course wanted goggles, that She never the right way... She had soooo much fun... as did I! We plan on going again real soon!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

THINspiration Thursday! And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out!

Okay Lena Lou inspired my THINspiration today...she commented on my last blog post, and we email several times a day... We came up with a BEFORE AND AFTER feature.

So here is a horrible before picture of me... Tommy and Jess' wedding in February 2008:

Yeah GROSS! We got close to not finding me a dress for the wedding. This was the biggest dress they had in the area, and I looked AWFUL! But the guy I walked with Brandon, thought I was a total cutie :) Which was nice ;) I thought he was a cute one too!!

This picture though that youre about to see was taken exactly one year from today.... at Jenna's 24th Birthday... By the way... HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY JENNA!!!!! You are amazing!!! Even if you like USC! I  love you!!!

Here is a picture of my dad and I at last years firemens BBQ which this picture ended up being my fathers day gift for him and put it in a nice frame... Man Dad is tall!!! I am a shorty!!                     

Anyway... I posted a picture of my FAT SHORTS yesterday. Well I forgot to post a picture of me in my walking clothes... I should take a picture of me in this shirt too... It was a gift from my brother and my sister in law (pink texas shirt) and the pants are XXL danskin work out pants... Well guess what world.. the pants and shirt are too big... When I walk the pants slide down and I look like an idiot trying to keep pulling up my pants... Which is NOT cute... And correction on yesterday's post, I walked 3.714 miles :) WOOOOOO HOOOO! There is some THINspiration for you!

Now here is my AFTER

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Wednesday THINspiration

Ugh. So today... is Wednesday. I slept literally pretty crappy. Diem and I went to bed around 8:30 last night, she woke up around 11:30 to pee... We went back to bed... She fell asleep...but I sure has heck did not!!! I literally tossed and turned all night. Watched crappy tv. Got on the internet for a little bit, then just kind of went back in my room... 1, 2,3,4,5 o'clock roll around... What the french toast!?  I am LIVID with my body. I see that the sun is rising.. I figured.. What the heck.. I should take my well needed walk now! So I did. I dont have my stats right next to me... but I did like 3.5 miles! I was gone from 5:30-7:00. Came home Diem got up. We watched TV, I laid on the floor and passed out! HARD for like 45 minutes. So I was up for a while! I decided I need to take a picture of me in my favorite shorts that were a little snug on me before I left California. I took the picture on my phone so I can send it to mom... and so I decided... Hell I will share it with everyone else... as my THINspiration. :) Please enjoy! These are my size 18 Faded Glory shorts that I love so much. I even wear them after I slept in chocolate that Diem left on the couch. If you look closely when I am with you on the upper part of my ass you will see the faint chocolate stain. No I did not crap myself, and yes I want you checking out my ass. ;) Hey some one has to do it for me! ;) Diem and I went swimming today, and yes I got in a swim suit, and yes. I got into the pool! So that is what we did today. I am exhausted!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The cards of the weekend!

For my little sis! I hope she likes it!!! I am soooo thankful to have her in my life... and I consider her one of my family. Youre the best Chris. Congrats on the DT for Karen's doodles too!! I guess I should have used a Karen's Doodle image for a card for you.

I love this card, probably because of the different kinds of embellishments... I need to get out of this weird funk of WHITE BLACK and RED... I get myself trapped in it all the time... Or blues greens and brown... Hence this next card....

I made this for my bestie Lena! I hope she likes it.. I love how the top of this fairy came out! I think Lena will like it... She's going through a lot right now with Tony... so I figured she deserved a pick me up! LOVE YOU LENA!!

Happy Birthday to my nephews!

Adam Tomas Medina
Born June 9 2008
Happy birthday little man! I will give you all the "beans" you want anytime! I love you... I cannot wait to hear you say WOODY when you get your gift from Uncle Anthony, Cousin Diem and I.

Aaron John Joseph "J.J" Medina
Born June 9 2009
Happy birthday to my little mini me. Your little smile brightens my day! Thank you for always coming to visit me when I craft. Just turning around in my chair to see you walk in the door with your little smile makes me happy. You are such a little blessing.

Note... There is no mistake, these boys were born exactly ONE YEAR and 5 HOURS apart of each other!



I made it for my mama... I made it for my mama

Paper: WRAK Special :)
Image: From Lena Lou's stash
Ribbon and Brads: From my secret stash!

I pretty much threw this card all together, and you know what... I kind of like it... I made this for my mama... wishing her a good day. She loves turtles... Well my parents used to have two... but they mysteriously "got out" of their bucket. Yeah right mom and dad... just a few days before your trip... they magically got out... Hopefully D doesnt find out or she is going to go off the deep end as she still doesnt know about "white kitty". Poor Little Diem... There are only so many times I can say a deceased animal is "outside".

Anyway... MOM. I hope you like it.

Weekend Round up... Yep I am totally slacking!!!

Hello followers! (All like 4 of you:) You know who you are and I LOVE YOU!)

 Welcome to my weekend round up! Yes it is Monday, and I have been crazy distracted this weekend. Anthony's sister, Jessica and her two boys come up on Friday for the weekend. That was entertaining... which meant for me... a lack of crafting, less time to myself, and one giant head ache!!! The weather has been super hot, so I havent been keeping up with my THINspiration... I need to get that back under control... I havent walked since... Well June 4th. Maybe I will get up extra early in the morning and walk before the heat decides to kill me. So here is my weekend update full of pictures and fun...

Diem got to play with her little cousins this weekend which was nice. :) It is always nice for her to see her cousins. This is a picture of her and her cousin, Adam.. You may recognize him from the blog about the the pink cowboy boots. His birthday is this week! On Wednesday... He is going to be 2!!!

 They are my two little artists at work. They were coloring for a while outside... which is nice for the mama's in the family. Jessica needed a break, so I took on these two rebels.. So of course I put them to work... OPERATION COLOR THE BACK PATIO! This kept them entertained for about an hour! I was suprised. Yes, Diem is wearing her halloween costume from 2008... It is on its last legs... she is literally bursting out the seams in this dress. Atleast she has some good wear out of it.

Once they were done with chalk, they wanted to ride the bike. Which neither one of them know how to do. So they are both on the same bike.. Silly kids. I had to capture moments!!! Since Jessica neglected her camera on this trip, and I am like the family photographer!

Of course it has been hotter than here... so we needed to water the lawn so we let the kids play in the sprinkler... Diem got a new bathing suit! Yep Mama picked out a pink one... It is a really cute OP brand one too.. the back has a hole in it... and I love the little ruffles on it. Adam liked to step on the sprinkler heads, and well Aaron tried to eat the sprinkler heads.... typical for him... He will try to eat anything.
So, Adam is going to hate me when he gets older... But he does this to himself. These wings are Diem's. But Adam really wanted to wear them... So I let him. He loved them! I guess Jessica is going to need to get in touch with me one day when Adam starts dating or whatever... to bring out the embarassing photos... This moment was waaaaaay too cute to pass up.  And of course Diem got pissed off at me for taking Adam's picture... she asked me to take hers... and of course... this is what she does.... Typical Diem.

Anyway... Here are all of my current stats on my THINspiration... I know... no pictures for some stupid reason... I might actually have some... But who knows. Post them later hahaha.

June 3 Miles 2.247
Steps 4593

June 4 Miles 2.547
Steps 5354

Okay... I need to get my rear in gear on this walking BS!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The girls are out!

I love this Cheeky Bombshell... Shes GORGEOUS!!!! She comes from the Greeting Farm, stamped in versafine, colored with Bic Mark its, and Prismacolor. Punch is SU, and the ribbon and embellishments come from my stash. I love how this turned out... She is soooo stinking beautiful!

Cheeky shooter, also from the greeting farm, colored in you guessed it bic mark its and prismacolor. Ribbon from my stash and the flowers from my stash too!!! This was totally thrown together, and I love how it turned out. :)