Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Round up... Yep I am totally slacking!!!

Hello followers! (All like 4 of you:) You know who you are and I LOVE YOU!)

 Welcome to my weekend round up! Yes it is Monday, and I have been crazy distracted this weekend. Anthony's sister, Jessica and her two boys come up on Friday for the weekend. That was entertaining... which meant for me... a lack of crafting, less time to myself, and one giant head ache!!! The weather has been super hot, so I havent been keeping up with my THINspiration... I need to get that back under control... I havent walked since... Well June 4th. Maybe I will get up extra early in the morning and walk before the heat decides to kill me. So here is my weekend update full of pictures and fun...

Diem got to play with her little cousins this weekend which was nice. :) It is always nice for her to see her cousins. This is a picture of her and her cousin, Adam.. You may recognize him from the blog about the the pink cowboy boots. His birthday is this week! On Wednesday... He is going to be 2!!!

 They are my two little artists at work. They were coloring for a while outside... which is nice for the mama's in the family. Jessica needed a break, so I took on these two rebels.. So of course I put them to work... OPERATION COLOR THE BACK PATIO! This kept them entertained for about an hour! I was suprised. Yes, Diem is wearing her halloween costume from 2008... It is on its last legs... she is literally bursting out the seams in this dress. Atleast she has some good wear out of it.

Once they were done with chalk, they wanted to ride the bike. Which neither one of them know how to do. So they are both on the same bike.. Silly kids. I had to capture moments!!! Since Jessica neglected her camera on this trip, and I am like the family photographer!

Of course it has been hotter than here... so we needed to water the lawn so we let the kids play in the sprinkler... Diem got a new bathing suit! Yep Mama picked out a pink one... It is a really cute OP brand one too.. the back has a hole in it... and I love the little ruffles on it. Adam liked to step on the sprinkler heads, and well Aaron tried to eat the sprinkler heads.... typical for him... He will try to eat anything.
So, Adam is going to hate me when he gets older... But he does this to himself. These wings are Diem's. But Adam really wanted to wear them... So I let him. He loved them! I guess Jessica is going to need to get in touch with me one day when Adam starts dating or whatever... to bring out the embarassing photos... This moment was waaaaaay too cute to pass up.  And of course Diem got pissed off at me for taking Adam's picture... she asked me to take hers... and of course... this is what she does.... Typical Diem.

Anyway... Here are all of my current stats on my THINspiration... I know... no pictures for some stupid reason... I might actually have some... But who knows. Post them later hahaha.

June 3 Miles 2.247
Steps 4593

June 4 Miles 2.547
Steps 5354

Okay... I need to get my rear in gear on this walking BS!!!!


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