Wednesday, June 2, 2010

THINspiration Weekend Round up.

First I probably should continue my stats from May 28th... I did two walks, but only posted one. Here are my other stats really quick.... 3857 steps.. 1.887 miles... okay now for the weekend round up.

Okay, so I had been crazy busy this weekend... Okay, not really... But a lot of cool things happened this weekend.

A neighbor from across the street came home from Afghanistan. He was picked up by at least 3 dozen motorcycles... Him and his family were escorted to the local VFW for a lunch welcoming him home. It was a moving moment. I am so glad that I was able to witness this moment. I was able to take a few pictures. From where we were standing... From those who know me. I come from a very Pro Military and VERY patriotic family. This event was very emotional for me, and it was nice to be able to share it with a whole other family.  I wasnt really able to capture all of the motorcycles... or as Diem was calling them... Mikercycles. Which was totally sweet. :) On Memorial Day there was a front page article about this little event. I saved the article for Diem's scrapbook and baby book. I want her to remember this moment in her life.... even if she is three.... :) She knows more than the average 3 year old!!!

But anyway!! On this same day... for my THINspiration walking time... I walked 3.083 miles, and 6303 steps. I was just a busy girl just trucking a long. I even got a little more sun. Which was nice.

I tend to make sure that I walk by the park every day. I dont know why... maybe its because it has a incline, or maybe its because it has TWO water fountains, and I always for get my water when I go on walks. I dont know what it is... but I like it. I have been finding these "pods" all over in the trees or on the ground.. They eventually turn into these pom pom things that are fluffy... and rather annoying!

So May 30th... I did 2.878 Miles and 5884 steps... I didnt take any pictures as well... I was walking at dusk.. but I have some other pictures from my past walks you can enjoy...


Chris (catt871) said...

Good for you girl!!!!! I love that Mustang!!!

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