Friday, April 30, 2010

A moment to breathe....

Who would have thought this day would come soooo flipping fast!!! Tomorrow... well getting close to today... will be the day that changes my life. Diem and I moving to Arizona!!! I am so nervous, and yet scared all at the same time. I dont know what to do or think.... but It is time for a new change of pace.

For those who dont know... Since October, I have been going to therapy. I just had my last session with my therapist yesterday... and she knows I am a writer. She told me to keep a journal.... well I figured today, I would do my journal entry here. Since I am writing about people I am close to.

I had to say my "see you laters" today, since I dont say "good bye" as those are permanent. It was 3 short visits that really tore at me today...

Lena, Drew and Jenna....

Lena you were the easiest to say see you later. I know you and I will yahoo messenger, blog, send mail etc. etc... I know you will always there for me as youre my big sister and my bestie! Thank you for always being there, and I am sure I am going to need you more now than ever! Sorry mom and I left you with Barney though.


Drewper. He was the hardest I think. Oh my... We had a wonderful visit... and then when he had to leave, gave me a hug... I instantly got teary eyed... I didnt want to go. Drew you make me so happy and I am very thankful for having you in my life... Youre an amazing individual and thank you for talking to me about EVERYTHING! Except for a few things that I havent even mentioned to you yet!!! When we left, and you pulled out in front of us, what really got me was Diem crying over you. She has gotten really attached to you and Tuck. "DREW AND TUCK ARE LEAVING US!!!" as she screamed from her car seat with tears running down her face. I hurt for her. It sucks getting attached to someone and then having them go away for a while. Drew, I love you, and thank you for being you. Thank you for writing me on facebook chat this evening and talking to me about everything... I almost poured my heart out to you... but I didnt. I did finally break down into tears though...

WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST!!! you and I have gone through so much together over the course of our friendship. It was great to spend some time with you on our trip to the post office and what not. Checking out the lady that is really a man.. haha holding hands and picking flowers with Diem. Gossiping... Trying to take a cute picture etc. etc. I cannot wait until June!!! I really hope you will be able to make it down and we can spend time together before your real live 25th birthday!!! You and I have had some serious heart to hearts, and a lot of tears shed because of it. Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for helping me discover myself. I know we will email everyday... well Monday through Friday. Because that is what we do. But please... remember my rules...

No going to the pub wearing a dress and pulling a Brittney.
No dancing with any other Emily Wilson's... just this one.
Dont replace me, and never forget GO TEXAS!
No other lesbian lovers when you go to the bar.... that is my job in one of those awkward moments!! Like the black guy on Saturday ahahahahahaha....

I am sure I will make a bunch of rules for you and they will always make us laugh... Just like this, and I will leave you with this Jen.... NOT FOR ONE DOLLAR! IM NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL.... NOT FOR ONE DOLLAR!!!

Ugh. I am one emotional wreck. What the heck. I better get to bed. As I have to leave Redwood Valley at like 10:30 tomorrow.. for my 12:50 flight out of Santa Rosa, only to arrive at 2:30 in Vegas.

Thank you for the good times Ukiah/Redwood Valley. I am sure I will be back for a visit soon.... but only to see the people who matter the most to me. I love you and thank you for helping grow to where I am so I can expand my horizons as you guys all knew I had the potential for. Thank you.

I will leave you on the note of here is a pretty picture to enjoy. And a picture of me and my last rain in Redwood Valley.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wish you were here

Wish you were here!!! Image is computer generated (Route 66 themed) and stamp is the ever famous Bombshell from Bombshell stamps. Hand written sentiment mounted with Hodgepodge Hardware in Vanilla from SU.

Diem and Dusty in card form

This digi I couldnt resist!!! If this isnt Diem I dont know who else would fit that little girl role!!! This reminds me of Diem and her cousin Dusty. I got this image from Karens Doodles. You should check her out... she has a lot of cute images!

The Ladies of Iron Paddock

I made these bombshell keychains for one of my favorite men in my life.... DREWPER! He has his own business, and he is into the vintage stuff like me.... So I made these shinkydink keychains for him using my Bombshell Stamp, and colored them with Sakura Gelly roll pens, and bic mark its. He uses them at his shop for his work keys... He loves his "ladies"

I have love for this stamp

I love this girl! She is GORGEOUS! This is the Bombshell from Bombshell Stamps. She is like my favorite stamp EVER!!!! I colored her with Prismacolor and BIC mark its. I embossed the flowers on the green base with metallic silver, and the flower is from the Fifth Avenue Floral collection from SU. I LOVE THIS GIRL.... did I mention that before?

Ward Digi's check them out... its family project. :) I received the wheelbarrow, and the picket fence from this father son duo. I used the sentiment from SU Thoughts of Father set. I made this card for my dad for Fathers Day, and for the use of it on the creator's site. I should mention that I am one of thier DT members. I hope Dad likes it... as he is rather picky about things... but then again, what dad isnt.

Things to Do:

I love this card! I just wish I had little clothespins for the clothes line when I first made this card! Oh well... Always next time!

Pictures at The Wilson Ranch

Pictures I had taken today while wandering around the property in the rain. It was nice to get out and enjoy some rain... even though I am not a fan of rain. I better start liking it now... Since I am going to be in the desert soon.

Go Go Speed Racer

Diem in Safeway today with Grandma Linda and I :) Everyone we passed she would say BEEP BEEP!!! Only 13 more years until she is 16!!!

Countdown to Arizona!!! 2 days!!

Can you believe it?! I am leaving for Arizona on Saturday!!! It is going to be one HOT (literally) adventure!... I am ready to kick this adventures.... ummm butt? I am already approved to sell {ippity} and guess what?! I am on the locator for KINGMAN!!! The closest dealers for {ippity} in Arizona are all in the Phoenix area. So I guess I will have a better chance!!

On that note... I better get ready to go.. I have a doctors appointment!!! Yikes. So please enjoy this photo of Diem :)

Would you like a cup of tea?
Yes, those are fairy wings.
Yes that is ketchup on her face.

Have a fantastic MORNING!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apparently my family calls this bush a "Snow Ball bush". This is what they look like before they turn white like snowballs. Duh. right? This picture was taken up at my Grandma Phelps' house. I love this color green! Its beautiful!!! I love this unique shade of green!

And so I couldnt resist taking a self taken picture in front of it.

I love taking pictures of things in nature. I guess because they actually hold still long enough for the picture! LOL unlike DIEM!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I just bought my newest Bombshell!!!

Vintage Mermaid! I love her! If I was ever to get a tattoo... she would be it!!! She will be my 4th Bombshell purch. I found her here :Bombshell Stamps. They just introduced a crap-ton of hot ladies, hot bikes, and digi stamp clothing for the Bombshell stamp. If you were ever wondering where my BOMBSHELL EM name came from, it would be from this company! These girls are HOTT!!!!! You should totally check them out!!! Plus right now they are having a great 20% off sale for just this week only!!!!! 

Ippity Stuff :)

Okay so I did a crappy job posting this collection....but... You get the idea! But good news is!!!! The newest collection comes out MAY 13TH!!!! Its super secretive... but I already ADORE IT!!! I havent set up my pay pal, or even thought about prices... But if youre interested!!! Let me know! I need to put up my 2009 collection  too!

My Little Adopted Doggy Children

Suna Tora Bell Ward (left) and Dodger "Little Dude" Ward (right).
Parents are Lena and Tony Ward... The sweetest two pups around!! This is no lie, both of these dogs are sweetest pups around.... They are pretty bad ass!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Handdrawn sketch of Dumbo!!!!! I dont know if I want to take him out of my sketch book or not... but I love him. he is so stinkin cute!!!  FYI he is not traced!!!!

Arizona in... (Time until Saturday, May 1, 2010 at 12:50:00 PM (Sacramento time))

4 days

110 hours

6627 minutes

397635 seconds

I have soooo much love for this set! I love Toteally Tess from SU. My demo Lena has her first and I knew I had to get her. She is soooooo versatile. Each girl posted here is colored in Prismacolor pens and Crayola colored pencils with baby oil gel... Paper is all DCWV. I love Tess!!! I hope they make more variety of Tess girls!!

Happy Birthday Jessica Ann!!

Happy Birthday Jessica Ann!!!
Okay, so her birthday was April 14th, and I had sent it out before that, but I had to post it on my blog. Once again, this image comes from Stamping Bella... This is I cant see a thing bella. I tried to color her as much as possible to represent Jess. She is colored with colored pencil and baby oil gel. Paper is DCWV, and I used the SU Top Note. Her name is stamped in SU More Mustard, and in Hero Arts Alphabet stamps. Chipboard flower came from a Lena goodie bag, and the button is from a random stash! :) I hope she liked it!!

For Jenna's Mom

I personally love this card. Jenna's mom needed a card to send to her sister, and I whipped this card out. Bases cut out with the Cricut Expression, and the image is Stamping Bella -- Javabellas. I am a huge fan of this company. They are adorable. I received this image from WRAK on SCS. I love them!! They were colored with Prismacolored markers and Crayola colored pencil.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Its Official!!!

Its official everyone... I am an official IPPITY chick! I just placed my very first official order today... of my own goodies... Hopefully it will be here before I leave for ARIZONA on the 1st!!!! I am super excited about working with this company! I ADORE their images. :) :) I hope to be your IPPITY chick! ;) 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is one of the very first Bombshell cards I have made. I made this for my friend Jenna... I left it blank so she could share the wealth with someone else. I gave it to her at the brewery when we were going every week. I love these stamps. They are amazing!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grandma Linda and Diem

Diem and Grandma Linda baking cakes for Easter. Mom will probably hate me for putting up this picture... but its soooo stinkin sweet! They made 3 cakes!!! I have a picture some where of the cakes... but Diem put A LOT of sprinkles on there!!! Speaking of sprinkles... you should check out Lena's site ( Yes. we make amazing stuff and we do a lot of challeges!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finally using this brain of mine

Diem accidently broke Grandma Linda's tupperware holder last night. Instead of throwing it away, I took out every other piece that was not broken and this holder now officially holds all my SU stamps perfectly!! I finally used my college education for something!!! Iowa Wesleyan would be so proud of me.... HAHA. yeah right. This picture was taken before I organized the pads by color spectrum. I am super excited to use them.

Grandpa comes home today... Diem is excited about that!!

May 1st is just right around the corner for me!! woo hoo!

This was one of my valentines day cards this year. I love this girl image....and I even love the sentiment I used for the background. It says, "I Love That You Love Me.." The girl is the Bombshell from Bombshell stamps :)

I figured it was about time for me to put up some of my drawings on here. This is Alice :) I drew her for my little Diem. I am debating coloring it or not. She took me a while to draw, and many pieces of paper later... she is finally perfect!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I love this Cheeky Rockabilly girl!

Thank you Lena for letting me borrow this! I am such a sucker for the pin up art, or anything WWII era... Hence the Bombshell part in my blog name :) I totally love this girl. I colored her with Bic Mark its (Hair and clothing), and Prismacolor Egg shell (her skin). I cut her out, and put her on sky blue scrap paper, and put my own polkadot pattern on, and black border. I love the red base, as I ran the top through my big shot in the skeleton scroll embossing folder. (I am also a sucker for sugar skulls). Added ribbon, and I am good to go! This card is being sent to Chino, CA to one of my friends from junior high. Sarah Montano, this is for you little lady!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Number ONE Fan

Angelica Tackett!!! You are the best! Thank you for telling your friends about my blog... You mean the world to me. I cannot wait to see you in a few weeks so we can do fun crafty stuff... We are going to dominate the art world! Thank you for all that you do, and I am so thankful to have you in my life!! LOVE YOU COUSIN! (sidenote: this photo was taken on New Year's Eve. Angelica, we need new pictures!!!)

Angelica, get prepared for some adventures!

My very First Ippity card

Here is my VERY FIRST Ippity card. For those of you who do not know what IPPITY is... you cannot find it in a store, and it is sold by fellow stampers. Ippity is apart of the Unity Stamp Company. I must say, Ippity is my newest obession! :) So! This card is made using "Simply Home" set. Stamped in SU basic black, SU top note, DCWV paper. I cannot wait to use more of this set!!


This is my bestie Lena!! She is also my SU demo. :) YAY for SU!!! I got us matching shirts the other day at Michaels... we wore them together at our friend, Molly's baby shower today! Lena is the best! You can check out her blog here: She is one of my favorite people! You should check out some of her work! She is my inspiration! Love you Lena Lou!!!

I am totally addicted to CC Designs Swiss Pixies. She is one of my favorite images. Paper is from Taylored Expressions Dollar Bins (you get about 8 sheets of double sided paper). I got the brads from the "Easter Bunny" . You cant really see it but her wings have been colored with a Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust pen for the glitter effect. She has some of the Metallic bronze in her hair.I colored her with Sakura Gelly roll pens, Prismacolor markers, and Bic Mark its. I made this card for my favorite Lena! I think she liked it!

Apron card for Lena

This little apron card was made for my SU demo Lena. She and I send goodies back and forth all the time. I came across this pattern for a apron card on SCS and I knew I had to share this with Lena so she could use it for one of her SU parties!!I had to make one first to see how difficult it was before I sent it off to her!! Once I made this "Western" apron card, I was thought to myself... it would have been perfect to have put a recipe in the open pouch for "Cowboy Chili" or something. Maybe next time.

Molly's Baby shower invites. I believe that no two cards were exactly alike. I hope she enjoys them! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Official Blog... I feel like I needed to join the bandwagon :)

Seems like everyone I know has a blog.. I figured it was about time to let the world see through my creative eyes, and see my artistic ablilites and allow myself to express my feelings. I find so much beauty in art and it is about time for me to share my "gift" as my dear friend Jenna says. (Hi Jen if you see this!! haha.) So many of my friends share their cards and their latest projects. But in this case, you are going to be seeing all of it! Most of my friends and family are all over the place so you will be kept in touch via my blog on what is going on in the world of Emily. Good luck with keeping up with me. I am having a hard enough time keeping up with Diem!

And with that note... Good night, and enjoy this recent picture of the fort Grandma Linda and I made for Diem.