Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another 5th avenue floral!

I made this halloween card using Witchy Woman from Ward Digi's where I am a DT member.  I made one other card with this same image but I dont have a picture of it--- but there is one on the site. This card was made for the release of this image.

THINspiration Thursday!

It is that time of the week where Lena and I let you into our weightloss worlds. :)

CONGRATULATIONS! to LENA! She has lost 10 pounds since she has started her journey only a few short weeks ago! I think its from all those laughs we have had. :) I brought her some treats to work over the past few days. I made her a "plant", which I will eventually post on here, and today I brought her a tall pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. She has never had one. It was just a little treat. :) Congratulations Bestest, pretty soon the pounds are going to just melt off... I promise no more fatty coffee for a while ;)

I on the other hand--- Had soccer this past sunday. We won, 5-1, well it should have been more than that because we played our sloppiest game to date. We are 3-1 for the season, and we have a game this next sunday. Hopefully we win!! :) :) But I got the Sh----- stuffing kicked out of me this game. I got knocked around a few times which was not my idea of a good time. My whole body has been super sore since. I think I crunched my back.

I have been eating LESS processed foods, and buying TONS and TONS of fresh vegetables. I love it because Broccoli is on sale right now. I think I just bought literally 5 pounds of broccoli in the past two days. I LOVE IT and its only 97 cents a pound right now at Raleys :) My friend Enrique works there so he always comments about how much broccoli I buy. He always jokes about it because broccoli makes you gassy! True story!

I am having some really bad knee pains and I have been walking a lot, and running on crummy fields for soccer. That does some nasty wear and tear on my already messed up knee.

I have been looking for A) healthy receipes B) things that Diem will eat. As everyone knows she is the pickiest eater! I mean she is THE WORST! I love this blog Ma Whats 4 Dinner. Alex is a hoot, and I have found some really cute ideas on her blog. Diem still wont eat it, but theres cute ideas!

On that note!!!

Have a wonderful weekend. Now, I need to get my rear in gear to get my cards on here!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I love this image! Yes, and I love the color orange apparently!  Here is cocktail emily again from sparkle creations. I LOVE HER. She is colored with SU markers, bic mark its and prismacolors!


Shiela from is featuring my blog on hers! Lazy Boy Recliners

Here is part of my email! Enjoy!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cocktail Emily

I made this GREEN card for my friend Jenna.  Her name is Cocktail Emily from Sparkle Creations. I love her. I used SU kiwi kiss, and colored her with Bic mark its, and prismacolors. Add some silver puffy paint to her lime, glass rim, and her head band.

Happy Thinspiration Thursday.

Happy THINspirsation Thursday! Its overcast and not warm at all here in my neck of the woods. Totally didnt want to get up and get ready but I did. This picture is of Julie, Diem and I at our High School homecoming. We havent been since we graduated in 2003 and it was nice to see some former teachers, and well some of my former daycampers that are now in high school. One of my former campers babysits D for me :)  Anyway!!! So I must be losing some weight or clothes are getting bigger. I bought myself a new Carhartt denim jacket yesterday. It fits me nicely. Cant button it all the way... the chest gets in the way of that... But I love this jacket! :) :) I am currently wearing it now!  So!!! Yeah, I had a weekend off of soccer so my PA hasnt been that amazing. I have been trying to get out more, but thats not working... As I say every week is I need to eat better... And consistently! Diem has school pictures next THURSDAY!!!! I think that is the 14th. Yep One week from today the little girl has her school pictures. We will see how that goes! Good news... Lena comes over tonight... Bad news... I have two coffees this week! RARE!! but the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at starbucks. I couldnt resist!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Instyle Stamps September Sketch Challenge.

So my bestie Lena, convinced me that I am creative enough to start submitting my cards to challenges. She told me to do the same one she was doing as at the time there were only 4 people doing it. Finally I got the courage to participate. Here is the sketch for SEPTEMBER and today, October 5th was the last day to do the challenge. So Here is their sketch (ABOVE).  And here is my final product below. You can participate until 11:59 PM tonight!!!!   Instyle Stamps Here is their link :) GOOD LUCK

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Thinspiration FRIDAY!

Sorry I didnt post yesterday. Rather busy. Take Diem to her dermatology appointment, take her to school, run home to meet up with someone. Leave the house by 11:40, get to Diem's school by noon.  The next place I need to go to is closed from 12-1, We had a date set up to meet up with a friend, we were there for like two hours, go home afterwards. so I go back home, just to come back into town, run by the place I needed to go to, then to Diem's Parent Meeting... Were I am stupid yet grateful--- I volunteered to be a representative and board member for Diem's school. I also volunteered myself to be on book patrol where I help pick out books for the kids to choose from and take home. THEN! Run by Chase after my meeting, to see the ATM is closed, so.... I then have to run to US Bank, which is inside safeway... I needed to go there anyway.. Make a deposit, got a few groceries for dinner night with Julie, and off we went to Julies. I think we were finally home by 10?  UGHHHHHHHHH! So tired. After all of that you would think I wouldnt want to go anywhere for a while right? NO! I am going to town later to pick up some secret supplies for World Card Making Day! Then tonight, Julie and I are going to take Diem to the Highschool football game. Its homecoming, and we havent been to a game, let alone HOMECOMING since we graduated in 2003. Makes me want to go to my college Homecoming at Iowa Wesleyan. ANYWAY.

Here is a picture of Diem, baby Dylan (Chopper), and me. Yes in my defense the angle sucks, but I love the moment I had with Dylan and Diem. For a split second there.... I wanted another baby.. hahah moment passed. :) Look at my chin/neck region... Those cheeks! Fatty arm. Oh well it wasnt a fashion show that day. Just makes you think on what you look like.

My PA for the week, I played soccer last sunday. We won! We are 2-1 right now. We have a bye game this weekend. A lot of us got beat up pretty bad last weekend so its nice that we get a break. My soda intake has cut down... but so has my eating. My rear needs to get back in gear. I am considering of only... ONLY eating FRESH fruits and veggies for a few days. I love them, but lets just see if I actually do it... because that means I have to give up my sunflower seeds!!!! yikes!!!

Okay, so I have a new goal. I know what I weigh, but I am on a mission to find pants that I wore PRE DIEM! My mission is to fit into those jeans. Maybe I still have a few pairs! haha I doubt it. But its worth a shot to find them.

I promise to get better at posting! I got to get my rear in gear!