Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Thinspiration FRIDAY!

Sorry I didnt post yesterday. Rather busy. Take Diem to her dermatology appointment, take her to school, run home to meet up with someone. Leave the house by 11:40, get to Diem's school by noon.  The next place I need to go to is closed from 12-1, We had a date set up to meet up with a friend, we were there for like two hours, go home afterwards. so I go back home, just to come back into town, run by the place I needed to go to, then to Diem's Parent Meeting... Were I am stupid yet grateful--- I volunteered to be a representative and board member for Diem's school. I also volunteered myself to be on book patrol where I help pick out books for the kids to choose from and take home. THEN! Run by Chase after my meeting, to see the ATM is closed, so.... I then have to run to US Bank, which is inside safeway... I needed to go there anyway.. Make a deposit, got a few groceries for dinner night with Julie, and off we went to Julies. I think we were finally home by 10?  UGHHHHHHHHH! So tired. After all of that you would think I wouldnt want to go anywhere for a while right? NO! I am going to town later to pick up some secret supplies for World Card Making Day! Then tonight, Julie and I are going to take Diem to the Highschool football game. Its homecoming, and we havent been to a game, let alone HOMECOMING since we graduated in 2003. Makes me want to go to my college Homecoming at Iowa Wesleyan. ANYWAY.

Here is a picture of Diem, baby Dylan (Chopper), and me. Yes in my defense the angle sucks, but I love the moment I had with Dylan and Diem. For a split second there.... I wanted another baby.. hahah moment passed. :) Look at my chin/neck region... Those cheeks! Fatty arm. Oh well it wasnt a fashion show that day. Just makes you think on what you look like.

My PA for the week, I played soccer last sunday. We won! We are 2-1 right now. We have a bye game this weekend. A lot of us got beat up pretty bad last weekend so its nice that we get a break. My soda intake has cut down... but so has my eating. My rear needs to get back in gear. I am considering of only... ONLY eating FRESH fruits and veggies for a few days. I love them, but lets just see if I actually do it... because that means I have to give up my sunflower seeds!!!! yikes!!!

Okay, so I have a new goal. I know what I weigh, but I am on a mission to find pants that I wore PRE DIEM! My mission is to fit into those jeans. Maybe I still have a few pairs! haha I doubt it. But its worth a shot to find them.

I promise to get better at posting! I got to get my rear in gear!


Lena said...

I bet you burned tons of calories yesterday! I love this pic of You and Diem and the Dilly bean ! So cute! I dont have a kid whats my exscuse to not fit in my jeans anymore..... my pre office job days? hahah

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