Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thinspiration Thursdays.... oh holy hell

Happy Thursday!
Well This is a picture that I have mixed feelings about. I love it that its with my little gremlin... Well Princess Gremlin. But you can still see my pregnancy chin. Oh well... something to work on.

This week has been a rough one. Diem and I have both been sick with colds. I had a soccer game (90 minutes of PA --physical activity) in the rain! Monday Diem had school for a whole whopping 30 minutes because the power went out at school. Wednesday she has a little rash on her face, they make her go to the doctor, and she goes in to get her eye looked at... walks out with a shot. She got her flu shot, she goes in 4 weeks to get her second one.  The past couple days I have just been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I dont know what my deal is. But when I run around like this... I dont eat!!! Wasnt that my mission last week to eat more regularly?! Okay, so I need to do that. And I need!!! To cut down my sodium intake. I have two weaknesses that both have a lot of sodium in them. Soup, and sunflower seeds. I am eating one of those culprits right now!!! GASP! Sodium makes you retain water. Retaining water, makes you "fluffy".

I have cut down my Soda intake, and I started drinking Green Tea. Green Tea is great for you this time of year. It helps with your immunities, to help you from getting sick, and to help beat your illness. :) I am trying to find other beverages that dont have a lot of sodium in them or a lot of sugar. Juice has a lot of sugars in them that in my case I shouldnt be having due to the Dentists orders! :)

Have a wonderful weekend, and get some PA in before the weather gets too cold on all of us!


Lena said...

mmm soup sounds good..whoppss got sidetracked. Sounds like a rough week to keep up with eating regualary. I dont eat like I should either. I never eat breakfast, seldom lunch and by dinner im starving so I eat alot and then go to bed so it sits there. ggrrr. But we will suceed ! Eventually..

Tina said...

Hope you're better soon. Love the saying on your card on the previous true!

Just Me said...

good picture with you and your little one. Remember, when things get tough stop for a moment and smell the roses.

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