Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sports Series #1

First of all! I love the way this card came out, even though I dont like the Giants. Only thing I like about the Giants is #38, Brian Wilson. Dont worry, no relation ;) 
 I have been making a lot of "sports team" themed cards. I should call it the "Sports Series". New segement here on my blog. I created this card within a challenge between Lena and I. The challenge was to use ORANGE on it. I am still obsessed with my bombshells, and Lena commented on another card of mine that I made and suggested I make a Giants card... Probably because that is her favorite team? :) :) Her shirt was paper pieced. I came up with this idea to kind of make it like it is her "boyfriend/husbands t-shirt". Her shirt was a little shorter than what I had planned! Oh well. Shes still a cutie!

On that note. If you like this card, or any other cards that I have created and want to CASE them, please give me credit! I worked hard on this idea, and I feel that if you like someone's work, or idea you should compliment them by giving them some sort of credit. I feel its only proper, and respectful of other artists!


Lena said...

Go Giants!!! hahah I love love love this card. Is a red sox one next?

Chris (catt871) said...

This is Awesome Em!!!! Very clever!!!!!

Jammie said...

Ok, u are sooo mad at me! I'm so sorry, it was totally not intentional and you are properly credited on my post now. I was not included in you Orange challenge with Lena, so you must be super duper mad. I humbly appologize. Your card is the origional and totally better than mine (honestly) I LOVE how your girl stands in place of the letter, and I love the "boyfriend" shirt... stinking cute as heck! Sorry once again Em.... really sorry.

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