Thursday, September 16, 2010

THINspiration Thursdays

Here I go again with the THINspiration. I need to get my rear back into gear on things. Here is a relatively recent picture. Ugh I totally hate it! Its also a picture of D from the first day of school.

I am really in need of working on my activity level again. Yes, I am playing women's league soccer again. I have yet to decide how I want to go about this THINspiration this time. I dread even looking at a scale, I dont care about that number as much as I do the "Fantasy" look. My goal, lose about 50 pounds, be more active, and eat NORMAL. I tend to skip meals. I dont eat breakfast, lunch  and I very rarely "snack" during the day. I need to cut out my complex carbs, and sugars. I went to school for Exercise Science and Physical Education, so I should be able to find a few things to motivate me through out that field.

I dont exactly believe in Weight Watchers, but I like the "idea". I am considering going along some of their guidelines and we will see what happens.

I can tell you today. I did some walking! Diem had her first field trip today. :) We practiced being good pedestrians. I wish I had my pedometer, so I would know how far we went. Maybe I should walk for time? Distance? Who knows!


Lena said...

I like the idea of not thinking about a number but what you feel makes you happy. Its a good concept. You have already lost alot ( I saw a fb pic today of you holding a cake from aug 2009) youve come a long way baby!! haha. You inspire me :) . Love ya bestie!

Emily Ann said...

If you look in a previous post.. I think it was June 10th, I posted a picture from my friends birthday. Its not a full shot, but its a picture of my face and it wasnt flattering at all. I think I know the picture youre talking about... That shirt isnt too flattering either lol. Oh well.. Thank you for the support Bestie! Its nice to have a support system for both of our adventures.

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