Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thinspiration Thursdays.... oh holy hell

Happy Thursday!
Well This is a picture that I have mixed feelings about. I love it that its with my little gremlin... Well Princess Gremlin. But you can still see my pregnancy chin. Oh well... something to work on.

This week has been a rough one. Diem and I have both been sick with colds. I had a soccer game (90 minutes of PA --physical activity) in the rain! Monday Diem had school for a whole whopping 30 minutes because the power went out at school. Wednesday she has a little rash on her face, they make her go to the doctor, and she goes in to get her eye looked at... walks out with a shot. She got her flu shot, she goes in 4 weeks to get her second one.  The past couple days I have just been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I dont know what my deal is. But when I run around like this... I dont eat!!! Wasnt that my mission last week to eat more regularly?! Okay, so I need to do that. And I need!!! To cut down my sodium intake. I have two weaknesses that both have a lot of sodium in them. Soup, and sunflower seeds. I am eating one of those culprits right now!!! GASP! Sodium makes you retain water. Retaining water, makes you "fluffy".

I have cut down my Soda intake, and I started drinking Green Tea. Green Tea is great for you this time of year. It helps with your immunities, to help you from getting sick, and to help beat your illness. :) I am trying to find other beverages that dont have a lot of sodium in them or a lot of sugar. Juice has a lot of sugars in them that in my case I shouldnt be having due to the Dentists orders! :)

Have a wonderful weekend, and get some PA in before the weather gets too cold on all of us!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I have missed you Fifth Avenue Floral

Since I moved back from Arizona, I was neglecting a few of my sets. When this set came back to me from Arizona... I realized how much I missed it. This set is part of Fifth Avenue Floral from Stampin Up. Its a total must have, and if you want it, you should order it from my Demo Lena. **She rocks my socks.. :) Theres your plug Len-er!** Colored with Bic Mark its, ribbon from my stash, paper from my stash. I have been hoarding the pink sparkly paper. I need to get more! LOVE IT!!

Think I used enough Purple?

Here is another Michelle Perkett Freebie. I love this little image. I think she is absolutely adorable. I cant believe I used this much purple on one card, and not an ounce of BOMBSHELL STAMPS, or ORANGE!! maybe there is something wrong with me? Who knows. I colored her with Bic Mark its, and Prismacolor... accented with Sakura copper glitter pen, and I believe I used Poppy Parade SU marker for the apple. Shhhhh I made this for my little sis. I hope she likes it :) :) She should be getting it any day now.

Life's a Beach

This little girl image is adoreable! She is a freebie from Michelle Perkett Stamps... which by the way might be my new favorite digis and stamps!!! I colored this little cutie with Prismacolor (light peach) and bic mark its. OH! The sand is SAND from prismacolor ;) Water paper I have been hoarding from when I was making a scrapbook from Diem's dad. The flower punch is MS! This little cutie reminds me of Diem when she went to Newport Beach for the first time... But she wasnt walking or sanding yet. :) On that note... I MISS YOU SUMMER, PLEASE COME BACK... happy autumn :)

For Princess Havily

I made this adoreable card for my Navy friend to give to his daughter, Havily. She is almost two and I have been making cards for him to send to his daughter. I got this image from Lena Lou (the image is from the greeting farm) and I colored it with Bic Mark its. I used my Sakura glitter pens to highlight the dandelions and the mane and tail on the unicorn. I used Orchid Opulence on the border with some scrap paper I had from a previous card. My mom had used an embossing folder over at my Aunt Marie's and left them behind, so I hijacked it. ;) The punch is MS :) I hope they like this card :) I might have to make more for OWH!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sports Series #3

Okay I am personally a Red Sox fan :) I made this card for my friend who is the Yankees fan. He is totally going to hate this card, but I think its hilarious. Yes its a "happy couple" but he and I arent a couple. lol. This card is supposed to be "us" but you get the idea. You cant see the glitter around the logo... but its supposed to help make that a "girls" shirt. I love how I have her in all RED SOX colors :)

Sports Series #2

Here is the ORIGINAL sports card I made. I made it for friend who is deployed overseas right now, and he LOVES the Yankees. This card, inspired the GIANTS cards. I hope he likes it. This card was hard at first because I really had no idea what I was doing... I had an idea, going for it, but I had no plan of attack. Thank goodness I knew what I was doing for the following card. :) Stay tuned for more "Sports Themed" cards. The dress/shirt was paper pieced, and it was this bold blue paper, and I needed more of a navy color, so I took SU Concord Crush over it and it turne out to be the perfect Navy!

Sports Series #1

First of all! I love the way this card came out, even though I dont like the Giants. Only thing I like about the Giants is #38, Brian Wilson. Dont worry, no relation ;) 
 I have been making a lot of "sports team" themed cards. I should call it the "Sports Series". New segement here on my blog. I created this card within a challenge between Lena and I. The challenge was to use ORANGE on it. I am still obsessed with my bombshells, and Lena commented on another card of mine that I made and suggested I make a Giants card... Probably because that is her favorite team? :) :) Her shirt was paper pieced. I came up with this idea to kind of make it like it is her "boyfriend/husbands t-shirt". Her shirt was a little shorter than what I had planned! Oh well. Shes still a cutie!

On that note. If you like this card, or any other cards that I have created and want to CASE them, please give me credit! I worked hard on this idea, and I feel that if you like someone's work, or idea you should compliment them by giving them some sort of credit. I feel its only proper, and respectful of other artists!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

THINspiration Thursdays

Here I go again with the THINspiration. I need to get my rear back into gear on things. Here is a relatively recent picture. Ugh I totally hate it! Its also a picture of D from the first day of school.

I am really in need of working on my activity level again. Yes, I am playing women's league soccer again. I have yet to decide how I want to go about this THINspiration this time. I dread even looking at a scale, I dont care about that number as much as I do the "Fantasy" look. My goal, lose about 50 pounds, be more active, and eat NORMAL. I tend to skip meals. I dont eat breakfast, lunch  and I very rarely "snack" during the day. I need to cut out my complex carbs, and sugars. I went to school for Exercise Science and Physical Education, so I should be able to find a few things to motivate me through out that field.

I dont exactly believe in Weight Watchers, but I like the "idea". I am considering going along some of their guidelines and we will see what happens.

I can tell you today. I did some walking! Diem had her first field trip today. :) We practiced being good pedestrians. I wish I had my pedometer, so I would know how far we went. Maybe I should walk for time? Distance? Who knows!