Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Thinspiration Thursday.

Happy THINspirsation Thursday! Its overcast and not warm at all here in my neck of the woods. Totally didnt want to get up and get ready but I did. This picture is of Julie, Diem and I at our High School homecoming. We havent been since we graduated in 2003 and it was nice to see some former teachers, and well some of my former daycampers that are now in high school. One of my former campers babysits D for me :)  Anyway!!! So I must be losing some weight or clothes are getting bigger. I bought myself a new Carhartt denim jacket yesterday. It fits me nicely. Cant button it all the way... the chest gets in the way of that... But I love this jacket! :) :) I am currently wearing it now!  So!!! Yeah, I had a weekend off of soccer so my PA hasnt been that amazing. I have been trying to get out more, but thats not working... As I say every week is I need to eat better... And consistently! Diem has school pictures next THURSDAY!!!! I think that is the 14th. Yep One week from today the little girl has her school pictures. We will see how that goes! Good news... Lena comes over tonight... Bad news... I have two coffees this week! RARE!! but the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at starbucks. I couldnt resist!


Lena said...

This is cute and DANG Julie looks really skinny. Keep up the good work love and I love the new Jacket. You look carhartastic! in it!!

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