Thursday, October 14, 2010

THINspiration Thursday!

It is that time of the week where Lena and I let you into our weightloss worlds. :)

CONGRATULATIONS! to LENA! She has lost 10 pounds since she has started her journey only a few short weeks ago! I think its from all those laughs we have had. :) I brought her some treats to work over the past few days. I made her a "plant", which I will eventually post on here, and today I brought her a tall pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. She has never had one. It was just a little treat. :) Congratulations Bestest, pretty soon the pounds are going to just melt off... I promise no more fatty coffee for a while ;)

I on the other hand--- Had soccer this past sunday. We won, 5-1, well it should have been more than that because we played our sloppiest game to date. We are 3-1 for the season, and we have a game this next sunday. Hopefully we win!! :) :) But I got the Sh----- stuffing kicked out of me this game. I got knocked around a few times which was not my idea of a good time. My whole body has been super sore since. I think I crunched my back.

I have been eating LESS processed foods, and buying TONS and TONS of fresh vegetables. I love it because Broccoli is on sale right now. I think I just bought literally 5 pounds of broccoli in the past two days. I LOVE IT and its only 97 cents a pound right now at Raleys :) My friend Enrique works there so he always comments about how much broccoli I buy. He always jokes about it because broccoli makes you gassy! True story!

I am having some really bad knee pains and I have been walking a lot, and running on crummy fields for soccer. That does some nasty wear and tear on my already messed up knee.

I have been looking for A) healthy receipes B) things that Diem will eat. As everyone knows she is the pickiest eater! I mean she is THE WORST! I love this blog Ma Whats 4 Dinner. Alex is a hoot, and I have found some really cute ideas on her blog. Diem still wont eat it, but theres cute ideas!

On that note!!!

Have a wonderful weekend. Now, I need to get my rear in gear to get my cards on here!


Lena said...

thanks for the shout out ( and the coffe) love bug! Your doing so good and you look absoultly beeeuuttiful in this picture!!

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