Thursday, June 10, 2010

THINspiration Thursday! And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out!

Okay Lena Lou inspired my THINspiration today...she commented on my last blog post, and we email several times a day... We came up with a BEFORE AND AFTER feature.

So here is a horrible before picture of me... Tommy and Jess' wedding in February 2008:

Yeah GROSS! We got close to not finding me a dress for the wedding. This was the biggest dress they had in the area, and I looked AWFUL! But the guy I walked with Brandon, thought I was a total cutie :) Which was nice ;) I thought he was a cute one too!!

This picture though that youre about to see was taken exactly one year from today.... at Jenna's 24th Birthday... By the way... HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY JENNA!!!!! You are amazing!!! Even if you like USC! I  love you!!!

Here is a picture of my dad and I at last years firemens BBQ which this picture ended up being my fathers day gift for him and put it in a nice frame... Man Dad is tall!!! I am a shorty!!                     

Anyway... I posted a picture of my FAT SHORTS yesterday. Well I forgot to post a picture of me in my walking clothes... I should take a picture of me in this shirt too... It was a gift from my brother and my sister in law (pink texas shirt) and the pants are XXL danskin work out pants... Well guess what world.. the pants and shirt are too big... When I walk the pants slide down and I look like an idiot trying to keep pulling up my pants... Which is NOT cute... And correction on yesterday's post, I walked 3.714 miles :) WOOOOOO HOOOO! There is some THINspiration for you!

Now here is my AFTER


Dawn Mercedes said...

totally awesome! I have just lost 17.6 pounds over the last 8 weeks...I'm loving it! Thanks for thinspiring me!

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