Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend, and I hope you took time to remember our fallen service men and women and all that they have done for you... And in that same token, I hope you took the time to say thank you to a current service member or even a veteran.

We had a great Memorial day weekend. I made a cake!! SO!! My craft thing for today being featured is my FAMOUS FLAG CAKE! haha its not hard to make... But I will show you the final product... It is really easy to figure out!

Yes, This is an odd angle, But I like it!

This cake is made with 2 boxes of WHITE cake mix... (I was thinking red velvet next time ) 2 (well 1 1/2) containers of Cool Whip. Now.. for the fruit. I bought two containers of each but I only used one.

I made the cake with the egg white directions the night before, and for a few minutes less than the directions said to do. Cover over night.

As for the decorating... I decorated about an hour before because you are working with whipped cream and fruit... you do not want it to melt! I washed the fruit first, then cut the strawberries... Then placed whip topping evenly... Blueberries first... then strawberries :) See it wasnt all that difficult! Everyone knows I make this cake for patriotic holidays. I think I will make something completely different for July 4th. :)

Of course here is Diem supervising me making the cake with her Cherry slushie from Sonic... And yes. That is a smile... she is in mid "CHEESE". What are cute little turkey. And here is a picture of Angelica and I. I really enjoy this picture... I actually look DECENT for once... I love my white dress find at walmart... I think it was like $12, and its a Juniors dress.. and it ACTUALLY fit me! Woot woot! I think my Thinspiration might be actually paying off? Maybe?

And of course, here is a close up view of my hair for the day...

I am totally addicted to WWII era hair styles... and so far this victory roll is my absolute FAVORITE!!! Haha one day I may have to do a hair tutorial! Lol... I dont know. Probably not. I figured this hairstyle needed to make its apperance, and it was a success, and my curls (I only curled the ends) even stayed in for most of our BBQ!

I hope everyone had a safe and pleasurable Memorial Day weekend, and I apologize for NOW just posting.


Lena said...

cake looks yum and you look beeeuuttyyfull

Chris (catt871) said...

you little hottie!!!!! That cake looks GREAT!!!! Nice job!!!! Luv ya!!!

Dr Sonia S V said...

What a lovely cake.
Love from India
Dr Sonia S V

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