Monday, June 7, 2010

I made it for my mama... I made it for my mama

Paper: WRAK Special :)
Image: From Lena Lou's stash
Ribbon and Brads: From my secret stash!

I pretty much threw this card all together, and you know what... I kind of like it... I made this for my mama... wishing her a good day. She loves turtles... Well my parents used to have two... but they mysteriously "got out" of their bucket. Yeah right mom and dad... just a few days before your trip... they magically got out... Hopefully D doesnt find out or she is going to go off the deep end as she still doesnt know about "white kitty". Poor Little Diem... There are only so many times I can say a deceased animal is "outside".

Anyway... MOM. I hope you like it.


Lena said...

got out of bucket? I gave her a tank for them!! Linda lou you crack me up

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