Friday, June 11, 2010

No Matter How You Slice It..... You are the Best!

SO, Diem wanted to help her Mama do "craft stuff" last night. So of course... I took her up on the offer.... She was watching my sponge some ink on some white card stock, and well she thought she could help too... Which was all great until she dropped the ONLY ORANGE ink pad on the floor and then she tried to punish it by telling the pad that it is "a bad "point" you shouldnt do that. If you do that you should go on TIME OUT!" Silly girl.. Then she ended up with ink all over her hands and face... She was sooo stinking cute about it... I couldnt help but laugh. Here is a picture of her little gremlin hands!
Yes, Only Orange looks like Cheeto Dust!!!
Any way... the out come of this were these two cards. One is for the sprINKles challege on Facebook. :)

I got the stamps from Purple Onion. I love them. They are sooo cute and came with a ton of sentiments. You cant tell but the wedge is done with Pop Dots. I sponged the cardstock, and colored the Limes with colored Pencil. I hope you enjoy!


Debsg said...

I thought I'd waved goodbye to stained hands when I left my childhood but crafting has brought it all back!

Tina said...

I've always got hands stained from GlimmerMist, alcohol inks, or some other type of paint! Nice cards. TFS

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