Monday, May 17, 2010

Craft Day with the Girls

This is from Saturday. Mia walked in on me working on some graduation goodies Friday night, and she asked me if we could make cards. So here we are making cards/ pictures for our families. They did really well... They were really facinated with my glue and my buttons!! What crazy little hooligans. Not long after we worked on our craft projects. Anthony came to town, and we (John Nick, Mia, Diem, Grandma Kathy, Anthony and I) went to down town Kingman and went to the Spring rumage sale. First Kathy, Diem, Mia and I stopped at Sonic for 2-4 Happy Hour. We got Slushes and went on our adventure. After the trip down town, we went to the Museum. We were there for a while. I of course had my camera!!! Everyone knows I am really into vintage clothing and style.... well they had a whole area devoted to Women's vintage clothing from 1920-1970ish. It was sooooo neat!! Here are some of the dresses I really liked!

This Dress was someone's prom Dress. I wish I was that slender to wear that dress... It was GORGEOUS!!

I really liked this pattern and print.
Here is Diem and Anthony on the museums train caboose on display.

We ended the afternoon with lunch at Burger King so the girls could play at the playplace. We had such a good Saturday!!


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