Thursday, May 6, 2010

For Everyone's Viewing Pleasure!!

Here are some pictures of our newest life adventure!!
Us on the airplane, in the tiny bathroom. This is when Diem psyched me out and said she had to use the bathroom. Little turkey didn't even have to go!

Diem and her Daddy, Anthony playing the shark version of Whack a Mole at Chuck E. Cheese. We had a lot of fun there!  Me on the other hand didnt feel too well.. I was a little car sick... I did eat more than my fair share of crappy pizza.

In this picture you have (backrow L-R): Aaron (J.J) Medina, Jessica Medina (pregnant with baby #3), John "Uncle Juan Pedro" Hicks, Myself. (Middle row L-R): Adam Medina, , Diem Marie. (Front) Mia Puett (John's Daughter). I think this is the first official family photo I know I have been apart of with all the kids. All we are missing is Jessica's husband Tommy, and Mia's Mom Michelle. Then we would have all the kids, and their parents. :)

I LOVE THIS CAR!!! It is so stinking cute!! Except for the creepy maniquins in it!! We went the Powerhouse Museum last Sunday. It was John Nick, Mia, Anthony, Diem and I. I of course went off on my own and took a bout a billion pictures! This is the only car in the joint, and I had to get a picture of it!!! Its a 1950's Studebaker Champion 4dr. Manufactures suggested retail price $1487.00. The Champion was the Studebakers low price car.

Here is the other side of the car. For those who dont know, that gray contraption on the side of the car window is a airconditioner. :)

And of course, you have to have the front end of the car :)

This is the Powerhouse Museum and Travel Center.

I meant to put this in the beginning, but this is Diem and I on our flight to Las Vegas! We had an okay flight, and we talked the whole way. Just the two of us. We had Mommy Diem bonding time.  It is trips like these I really cherish. Just the two of us. Eating treats, looking out the windows, and coloring. Well I had a glass of red wine, while Diem had sprite. We had chocolate goldfish graham crackers, Phineas and Ferb fruit snacks, Toy Story fruit snacks, Colorful Goldfish crackers, and of course the infamous Ring pop on our flight. It was was nice. :) We even got complemented  on how well behaved Diem was on the flight.

Okay, enough for now, as this post is like a novel with all these pictures. But there is more to come in the Chronicles of Diem and Emily Wilson.


Lena said...

I love these pics! So stinkin cute => glas you ladies had your bonding time !

Becky said...

Wonderful pictures and what a fabulous cake.

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