Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Birthday "Kathy Tacks"

Here is my first "tutorial-esque" project!!
I made this birthday gift for Diem's Grandma Kathy for her 49th Birthday present.
Here is kind of what I did :)

#1) Go to a place like Walmart, or your local craft store, and find one of these "storage" "bead" organizers. There are many to choose from... I picked this one out as it has 17 compartments.

#2) Pick out items your receipent will enjoy to fill the compartments. I chose things for a more "office survival kit" as Grandma Kathy is always on the road. Here are some of items included....

Paper Clips
Powder drink mixes
Shout Wipes

#3) Go home and fill the compartments... I had to be secretive about this gift as it was time consuming... Plus I was eating some of the treats... Hey, I had to make sure they werent poisioned!!! ;)
#4) Tie a bow of the color of your choice around the outside of the box and cut off access.
#5) First... You will need to trace the top of the box with a sheet of spare paper... scrap mostly... Then use it as a stencil for the primary paper you are going to use. Use adhesive to keep it kept down. :) I used regular snail type adhesive...
#6) Decorate another set of paper (I did blue as the base) and build on top of it. Personalize it to the best of your knowledge of your receipent. Kathy really likes Disney and Disney land, hence the mickey mouse patterned paper. Her favorite color is red and it goes perfect with Mickey Mouse!

I hope she enjoys it.

This gift would also be perfect as teachers gifts!!


Becky said...

What an awesome gift idea.

Lena said...

love it !

Tam said...

Great idea! I think I'll try this too. Needed a gift idea for my niece. tfs!!

Chris (catt871) said...

What a GREAT idea!!!!!! IF only my student's parents were crafty like you, I'd love one of those!!!!!

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