Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Way to Beat the Heat!!

Feet in the water. Yes, it was cold. And I was wearing a dress.

I wish I could build something like this. There were atleast a dozen of them.
It is hotter than, well... you know here in my area. I live in a house, with NO central air. We have ceiling fans, but that doesn't work well when people come in and out of the house. My parents are back in the area. I kind of suggested a family trip to the coast where it is a million degrees cooler there!!! Tuesday it was supposed to be in the LOW triple digits. I looked at my mom, and said... we should plan a trip to the coast. She replied with maybe this week. We looked into our schedules and with appointments, and helping out with Grandma... we just figured... what the hell lets just go today!!! So Monday we enjoyed a great trip to the Mendocino Coast. We checked out the little shops. I got my all time favorite thing... MENDOCINO MUSTARD!!! well this was a special kind its made with "suds" and you cant find it in the stores. It is made with Red Seal Ale, which is made in Fort Bragg, California. I cannot wait to make a huge sandwich with it!! mmmmmm it is calling my name!! Maybe I will just dip my french fries in it. What the hey right? We went to two different beaches, and I didnt collect any shells, but I did collect some rocks! Some for my friend Jen, who likes organic things that are shaped like hearts. I take credit for this as I got her started on it. I found a bunch of rocks to do some painting on with little D when she gets back from Arizona. I cannot wait. I also got to spend some time with my mom! Here are some pictures from the adventure!


Lena said...

you guys are too cute!! mmmm mendo mustard is delish AND its yellow!

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