Friday, June 10, 2011

Bombshell Bracelets

 Today, is my friend Jenna's 26th birthday. She AWESOME, and she is definitely my opposite. (In more ways than one!!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNA!!
This post and a few others is dedicated to YOU!!!!!

So I have really been taking a break from cards. Shhhh Dont tell! I have decided to work on some craft projects for a bit, and try some new stuff.

A while back I came across this tutorial on Bombshell Stamps Blog, by Alison, and I was like, Hell. Why not try it out. My best friend Jenna's birthday is Friday, and I wanted to do this thing where ALL of her gifts were going to be homemade. This is going to be ONE of like THREE posts in relevance to her birthday. So HANG ON FOR THE RIDE!!!

Jenna is one of my friends who has several different styles, but one thing she likes to promote is SHOP LOCAL, and SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS. Well. Here we are. I guess thats where I am ranking.

These ladies are from Bombshell Stamps, and  have been colored with Prismacolor marker and Bic Mark its, stamped on tissue paper, and adhered with Mod Podge. I love making these. I think I might make them for myself.


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great job they look great in big pictures.

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way to go integrating stamping into a different craft and your friend I am sure will love it!

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