Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gifts: Flower Pots

I love these little terracotta flower pots. They are 4 or 5" pots. I dont remember. In these pots (above) I used the half disc styrofoam for the "soil" in the pots. Hill side up. (The one on the left is hill side up, the one on the right was hillside down.)

I took the smaller scallop punch from SU for the flower petal part, punched TWO holes overlapping each other to get the desired opening for the treat to go through. To keep the petal on, I used floral tape to create a "stem" Start at the top and worked my way down. The tape does turn your fingers a little bit green. It washes off!

Starting with the top center I alternated my colors to make a colorful arrangement. They go in super easy. You dont need a whole lot of force because if you push too far, they sink later on.

I loved these! I made these again for my grandma and her roommate at her care facility she is in after her stroke. They loved them!!! Of course I used See's lollipops in theirs. If I knew my gram only wanted the chocolate ones, I would have only gotten chocolate. Now everytime I come to see her I always make sure to have REFILLS for her flower pot ;)

These flower pots are the ones I made for my grandma and her roomie :) I did get a little help from Diem on these. She kept trying to eat the Butterscotch ones!


Lena said...

you always need refills because the bullys in the office steal my dum dums! I lvoe my lil dum dum plant

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