Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I know its not Thursday!!

Okay, so I know its not Thursday, but I missed last weeks post due to family stuff. But anyway... Over the weekend. I celebrated my 25th birthday. I treated my self to a new top, and new shoes. You cant see the new shoes but... I will totally have to take a picture and post a picture of them.

My PA has been low, especially with the lack of time and the bad weather. I need to change that. And with that note. I am going to start allllllll over on this Thinspiration stuff. I made this pledge on.... Sunday. My real life birthday. I am going to lose 50 pounds by November 21st 2011. :) I have a notepad next to my scale in the bathroom ready to count down the pounds. Wish me luck, and hopefully I can stick with it!


Lena said...

thats an awsome goal! maybe we can encourage each other ! This picture is really good of you , you look great!!

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