Friday, April 29, 2011

For Jenna: "Im not that kind of girl, not for one dollar!"

Last night, I didnt want to watch the "Royal Wedding"... but I was really pissed off when I am watching my favorite show (Late night with Jimmy Fallon) was cut off rudely by the wedding!! I was not a happy camper!! Trust me!!!

While watching tv last night, I thought about all my upcoming deadlines. I have 2 cards for SCS-DSS and a reveal gift. So I have to get creative. I already went over the $15 minimum... I have a kick ass little sis, and by the way.... SHE'S TOO SMART FOR HER OWN GOOD!!! So worked on her reveal gift for a while, then  I was like... man I dont want to stamp... ME NOT STAMP!!!! Its crazy to think. So I sat down and "doodled".

This is on 12x12 white scrapbook paper. Inks are just your normal sharpie :) I should be like the spokeswoman for sharpie ;) I even have a scrapbook page frame for this. This piece of art is for my friend JENNA! its for her house. She is probably one of the only people who has been around my art process, and has been a willing reciepent this whole time. :) Its funny, because I am notorious for drawing these little doodles in the bar when I am the DD, she puts them in her purse and color at work the following work week.


Shazsilverwolf said...

Love these doodles, funny thing is, years ago I used to do this sort of thing all the time when 'listening' to my Mom on the phone, lol. I rarely used to get a word in!Then it was just daydreaming, now its art!

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