Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!! 2012

Wow , I havent posted a blog post since late August!! Where have I been!? Well I have been still crafting like crazy. I met my 2011 card goal and almost surpassing it by almost double! 2011 had been a crazy year for Diem and I. We lost some amazing people in our lives, and most recently a very good friend of mine from college, Charley passed away Dec 24. He was one of the most amazing people that I ever met during my time at IWC. He was actually one of the very first people I ever met there.

I coached my very first season of High School soccer, and I plan on doing it again next year. I loved my little JV girls team. The girls became family to Diem and I and they are sure making me worry what Diem will be like in her teen years!!

As it is the start of 2012, it has almost been a year since Cortney's death. Not a day doesnt go by where I dont think of her. Diem asks about her all the time which makes it hard, but we always take time to remember her and talk about how much she affected our lives.

So on a positive note for '12. I have come up with 3 simple goals. Not resolutions, just GOALS.

1) Make 2500 Cards
2) Keep track of how much I spend on Cardmaking supplies
3) Keep track of how much I spend on postage.

The last two have been things I have been thinking about for a while. I mean I almost spent $40 on Christmas postage alone! I couldnt imagine a whole year!!!

As this post is brief, I am going to include my very first card for the new year!!! Someone special *wink wink* will be receiving this card for either A their birthday which is this month, or B for Valentines day :) :)

Enjoy! And Always be sure to send positive vibes to everyone!


Lena said...

bout damn time you got back to blogging ! Love this card!! My guess is that you spend at least 100 a year on postage.

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