Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chicks Dig Guns

It feels like its been forever since I have posted something that isn't BOMBSHELLS. But... In this case, I am going to talk about how one of my BOMBSHELL FRIENDS got me hooked on  Smeared Ink. If you haven't heard of Smeared Ink and you have a mischievous, edgy side you should check them out. My friend Rachael, who is a new Bombshell Girl just like me posted this particular set called Chicks Dig Guns, and I fell in love. IMMEDIATELY! So I went over to their store to purchase me this set come to find out, THEY ARE GOING STRICTLY DIGITAL SOON AND DISCOUNTING THEIR RUBBER STAMPS!! I had to order myself a set and now my mom just incase she didnt get a chance to get a set. WE  GOT THE LAST SETS!!! (OR so they said). 
I love this set. I made this card for Brian for his Dirty Thirty Birthday. Because well he likes hot girls with guns. I think shes a pretty girl!!! One of the best girls in this set too!!! I hope he likes it!

I also stamped the inside of the card. Which is always rare. I rarely stamp the inside. So here is the sentiment. 
I hope you enjoy, and hope you have a fantastic day!!!


Alex said...

one of my very favorite stamps EVER!!! I love, love, love this one!!!

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