Saturday, July 17, 2010

Okay, I am seriously slacking

Okay, so I will need to post some new stuff on here ASAP because I havent been on here in ALMOST A FLIPPING MONTH! What have I been up to? Pretty much two trips to disneyland, getting a weird eye issue on the fourth of July. Diem has been extra creative lately... which is where I need some help...

WHO KNOWS HOW TO GET CRAYOLA (SUPPOSEDLY) WASHABLE MARKER OFF BRICK?! ugh. yeah, she took the marker to the front ledge of the fireplace the other day, and got a majority of it off... (THANK YOU SU STAMPIN SPRAY!!!) But it didnt get everything off. Ugh. Diem is now banned from markers... and crayons, as she colored the front of her little tv with orange crayon. I will post again soon with some new pictures from EVERYTHING this month soon!! :)


Lena said...

I cant quarentee this but try putting a paper bag over the crayon and then ironing the bag

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