Monday, July 19, 2010

Trip Number ONE to Disney :)

       Hello Hello! Well here are some of the pictures from the FIRST trip to Disneyland. Dont worry, there is a bunch of pictures, and now I have to take the time to narrow down my favorites!!!! But this first one is probably my favorite of me and the girls. :) Look how tan I am :) Normally I am more pale than little Diem :)

       We were there for 2 days, and we had a ton of fun!! Did lots of fun things, and saw tons of cool stuff. I was the first one in the family to witness the water show WORLD OF COLOR :) It was fantastic! I loved it. Too bad they will only be running it through the summer. But I did try to take a ton of pictures of this wonderful show!!! It was amazing!!! It was so cool how Disney did this remarkable show. Due to the ticket mishap, I was the only one able to go see it. Because we only had one ticket scanned!  I am so thankful to have seen this!

Okay so the cutest thing ever, and the first thing, well first character we met was the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. Okay, Diem was so sweet, she spotted all the characters, opened up the stroller and would run right over and give them hugs. It was so sweet to see her light up with each different character. Goofy was the most memorable moment of the trip I think. ;)

Here is Miss Chatty Cathy, "talking on the phone"... Goofy at this point is waiting for little D to come over and meet him.
ANYWAY!!! Here are more pictures from the trip!


jimlynn said...

Oh this looks like SO MUCH fun!!!!! I do wish I had been there! The picture of your daughter with Goofy is precious.

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