Tuesday, January 4, 2011

10 Things I Love About You

I got this stamp set from my bestie Lena. She and I always pick up goodies for each other. :) She sent this to me while I was living in Arizona this past year.

I made these as non traditional Valentines Day Cards, OR Love cards. I made them "interactive". Soldiers can fill them in to their loved ones. Neat idea right? I thought so. I would love to know the 10 reasons why someone loves me! :)

Paper comes from my stash, and recollections, I used some random embellishments from my container that I keep my brads in. And I also used a MS punch. I love these little note cards! I hope someone else does too!


Lena said...

THESE ROCK MY SOCKS!!! I love how they can fill them out. This is such an amazing idea! Kudos for you!

Gloria Cardoza said...

Hi Em. I'm a first time visitor from SCS Round 4. I really like these cards and love your idea of sending them to soldiers for their use. Visit me when you can. I am Geec. Happy stamping.

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