Sunday, January 9, 2011

Diem is a OWH Celebrity! (Okay so her artwork is)

I was checking out the OWH Facebook Fan page. If youre on FB, and you like to make cards, or need some inspiration. Check it out!!!!! Seriously! But wait until you read/see what Diem did!

While D-train was here, we had some nasty rainy days. We did a lot, A LOT of coloring. I got the brilliant idea to print out some OWH Coloring Pages, and Digis for her to color... GENIUS idea for my at the time upcoming package to mail to my shipper Sandy. Sandy has a dog named, Ciara that is iconic all over the Fan Page. She is like the OWH mascot. Well she is featured on the coloring pages. Well I let Diem sit on my lap at the computer, and we went through the coloring pages I have saved for OWH, and all my digis that are OWH and non- OWH to see what she wanted to color. Just so you know, Diem LOVES dogs. So she picked out a few images that I also knew would be easy for her to color. We did the mass coloring pages together. Filled out the worksheets together and everything. As we are coloring, Diem looks over at my coloring page and says, "Ma, You're coloring the dog wrong!" (I didnt take a picture of my coloring, but invision your typical brown dog). You should have seen Diem's (well actually youre about too!) So I will not describe it to you ;) Just surprise you.

I have started to get pretty active on the OWH page, and it is so nice to see everyone else's work and you get to interact with your shippers (HI SANDY AND DIXIE!!) <-- They are 2 out of the 3 shippers I have grown to love, and they are amazing ladies! So today, was no different than any other day... I trolled the page, and what did I find!!!!!! DIEM'S COLORING PAGE!! Sandy posted it right next to Ciara! So I am super excited to announce that Diem is an official coloring page celebrity on OWH. And now for your enjoyment.... Here is what you have been waiting for.... Diem's picture:


Lena said...

thats awsome! She did such a good job too !

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