Friday, March 2, 2012

Ah, March youre here!

Dear Miss March.
What a fun month you are! I am waiting for you to figure out Spring is coming soon, and your friend Mr. Sun is out to bless my white skin. I am looking forward to it.
Your friend,

Dear Emily,
Thank you for the reminder that Spring is near.... but you forgot to mention my dear friend Daylight Savings time as I know youre a true fan when he comes around. Due to your neglect, you have been blessed with boob burn after today's baseball game.
Your friend,
Miss March

Yesh! I didnt know I needed to be punished!! But yes. For those that know, I have very sensitive skin, and I burn EASILY!! Today, my friend Haley, and her friend Mahala went to the Mendocino College baseball game as they took on Laney College. I didnt think that I would burn, but I sure as heck did! And yes, in the area that Miss March mentioned. But did my other two friends burn? No!!! What the heck is going on here?!

With that being said, I am not exactly in pain, but I am definitely not comfortable. Hopefully it wont be a gross pealer? I was notorious for that last summer.

Other than being burned, I am busier than all heck. I have my family in town ''visiting''... we have termites and wood boring beetles, and the clutch has been less than effective in the Dodge. Whatelse can I bore you with but get you with the times? I know there isnt a card here, but I am considering about writing this all down as a reference of what the heck is going on in my world. But I can tell you I have made about:

 150 cards, and have spent $88+ on postage.

I am thinking about doing a 30 day challenge of doing OWH card challenges. Just a thought. :)


Lucile Lynch said...

Termites are forever a nuisance inside the home. You know, there are 5 telltale signs of termite infestations (1) Swarms. Usually, swarms appear around spring time when termites set out to look for a new home. (2) Shelter tubes. Termites need moisture to live and to move around, so they build themselves tunnels of mud and earth along the exposed areas. (3) Bugs. Self-explanatory. (4) Hollowed wood. Poke around with a screwdriver. Severely damaged wood will sound hollow when tapped. (5) Dirt in wood. Water damage and termite damage look very similar, and this confuses a lot of homeowners. To distinguish between the two, look around for dirt in the wood, since termite damage tends to kick up a lot of wood.

Lucile Lynch

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