Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Name is Emily, and I am a paper pack hoarder

So, my camera took a dump a few days ago, so some pictures will have this black shutter mark in the corner. THANK YOU MEL FOR PUTTING YOUR FINGER IN THE LENS!!!

This paper is over 3 years old. I got it while I was a scrapbooker. And its one thing that I hate! FLOCKED!!! I hate flocking and flocked paper. I guess its a texture thing! But I do not like it. So who ever gets my card from OWH. I hope you like it. :) :)

Sentiment comes from a Fiskars coffee set, but I like it just the same!!!


Rachael said...

I'm not a fan a flocking much either, altho I do appreciate when its sporadically placed, like on this card. I like it! I really love the little flower paired with it.

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