Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey Stud

Most of you know, I am a die hard OWH fan! If you dont know what OWH is, you should check out this awesome organization. I make cards, and I write letters what they call "Any Hero Letters". Both are so rewarding.

I made this card for a particular Marine. His name is Brian. He was actually one of the very first people to respond to one of my any hero letters!! (how rad right?!) He was deployed in Afghanistan, and we have kept in touch since his last deployment. Well Now we email, and text. He informed me recently he was up for a 2nd deployment for this year (BTW, he just got back in.... March). He has been gone since July 3rd. I promised him I would write him everyday. So I made this card for him!

This stamp is an itty bitty from Unity. I personally LOVE!!! this stamp set. I plan to use them a lot for OWH!!


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