Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Love from Seattle

I dont know about you, BUT I love to receive mail. Minus Bills. Bills shouldnt even be considered mail.

I recieved some mail from my Bombshell BFFand SISTER ;) You may recognize her from Bombshell Stamps. She is the reason why I am on the Bombshell DT. She twisted my rubber arm! :) RACHAEL! If you have never seen her work, feel free to leave my blog to check out hers!!! She is amazing, and let her know that I sent you her way! If you click on her name it will take you to her blog. Please feel follow her as well! She has such a creative mind. I wish I thought of the stuff she comes up with. Not to mention on her blog you can find the link to her Etsy page. There is so much cute stuff in there!

If you feel like sending me love mail email me, and let me know! :) You never know what you might receive right back! :)

Much Love,


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