Friday, February 7, 2014

Donut Worry...

... Be Happy.

I made this card for my former co-manager at my job. She has been supportive of everything I do since I first met her... and I could probably say she was the very first friend I have ever met here in Arkansas. She and I are very much alike. Its like a long lost sister... 

NOTE: I call her Hot Mandy. (She now teaches hot yoga, and on their class schedule it had her listed as HOT MANDY one day... so I have been calling her that ever since). 

So at our job, we are all really good friends, and all come up with random inside jokes... Donuts happens to be one of them. I saw this stamp from House Mouse at Hobby Lobby (Clearance section) and this $1 stamp (Mike's) and knew it had to go together. It was a perfect card for Hot Mandy, and it gave her a good laugh when she got it in the mail... after it had been sitting on my craft desk for a good solid month. (YIKES!!!)


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