Saturday, February 15, 2014

Friendly Owl.

My friend Rachel.... was one of the very first people I met here in Arkansas. We actually applied for the same job, and were in the same interview group. Oddly enough we got hired on at the same time. She is oddly enough me. But in a hippy mindset... .free bird if you would like to call it that. She actually introduced me to my soulmate. She set me up on blind date/double date. This was the card I made for her to thank her for introducing us.

I love this Owl I received via Wish Rak. Its from Stamping Bella... and once again, you will see the fish tail!! I love the fish tail banners... I also love the stitching borders. Something I have picked up from my current obession...ANYTHING BY STAROFMAY..... Kristina Werner. :) I love her!


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