Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{ippity} OWH Cards

Yes, you are seeing correctly! This is a lot of girly cards in one post!!

These are some of the first cards I made when I ventured out here to Arkansas. I did not have any of my own supplies... Well.. Using someone Else's supplies until you get your own makes you appreciate your own "stuff".

Stamp is Ippity, stamped in Versafine.
Colored with either Crayola colored pencils or crappy SU markers. Yeah, crappy as my mom bought them on Ebay and she thought they would be gentley used... Yeah right. Most of them look like the tips were used to brush some one's teeth!! Makes me appreciate my markers!!!


Lena said...

im really scared to buy markers on ebay for the same reason. I saw some the other day it was 24 markers for like 5.99 but who knows if they have ink.

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