Monday, September 17, 2012

To be a positive friend, be a positive motivator

Hello Blogging Friends!!!
Inspiration post yesterday, and now an inspiration post today.

My BFFFFFFF Lena, over at ScrapButterfly is in need of some THINspiration. She has a goal of losing 100 pounds. :)

September 7th 2012-- Visiting Lena at work :)

I am sure Lena wont mind since we have some of the same followers. She was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Yeah, when she told me, I about fell off my ladder at work dropping boxes of mini to go products.

A while back, wow. Like 2 years ago!!! I started doing this THINspiration. It really was just me blogging about me walking in Arizona (where I was living at the time). I wore a pedometer, brought my camera, and wore my iPod and walked everyday. I would then, in return blog about how far I walked (Distance) and how many steps I took. I did not have a name for it, until Lena came up with THINspiration... and we chose to post on THURSDAYS our totals. Lena took it to another extreme. She added her weight. I on the other hand posted photos. I am not near as ballsy as Lena, but kudos to her for posting her weight.

After talking to Lena, I figured I would get back to posting my walking and junk. I mean just being more active would be great!!! I started on Friday (9-14-12.) Here is the total(s) for Friday-Sunday.

Friday: miles 5.37 steps  11418
Saturday: miles 2.31 steps  4896
Sunday: miles 1.73 steps  3639

Current total:
Miles:   9.41
Steps:   36267
Hours at work: 13

By the end of the month of September I would like to have put in a minimum of 25 miles in. Good enough goal right?

So this is a good start. I need to wear my pedometer at all times to get a true reading, and then add in my 60-90 minutes of extra work (exercise for fun).

Go stop by Lena's original blog post, and leave her some inspiration! She needs positive motivators in this battle she is facing.


Lena said...

what the french toast?!? It didnt alert me to this post. You think anything with my scary ass pic would alert me. Thank you for the thinspiration friend, your amazing. Im so glad we are friends because I feel as If we can relate to each other! Next year we will get a pic of our smokin hot selves.

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