Thursday, September 6, 2012

No Place Like Home Card Drive OWH

 Operation Write Home is having a Card Drive!!! 

Let’s help our heroes keep in touch throughout the coming holiday season! That means not only Thanksgiving and Christmas cards – but all the other themes too. They’ll most certainly love writing holiday cards, but they also will want to write home to their families in addition to the traditional Christmas messages!
We have 4 prize boxes full of crafty goodies for 4 lucky winners! Names will be drawn on October 11 and announced on OWHtv that evening. To qualify, your package must:
contain half general card themes and half holiday (Christmas, Thanksgiving). Your general cards may certainly be fall- or winter-themed since you have all those seasonal supplies out – or you can take a break from those and make regular general cards.

contain at least 2 AnyHero cards or letters. You can even get your kids to do those for you!

follow OWH guidelines! Don’t forget to line them, triage for things falling off, include a completed packing slip (and write “No place like home” on the challenge line.) If you need to order a stamp for the backs of your cards, do that here. 

BONUS ENTRY: Cards properly tucked get a double entry! If you’d like to order envelopes, the coupon code for Heinrich is here. And if you need to know how to tuck, see the video on this page.



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