Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March Madness!

Yep, its that time of year for all of us College Basketball fans. MARCH MADNESS will be going on for the next TWO WEEKS. I normally dont catch all the games, just the ones that I actually care about.... ahem... TEXAS! (not A&M though).

Diem's dad's side of the family is really into the brackets, and everyone fills one out to see who is pretty much the ruler of the season if they do the best on their bracket, and if they pick the right National Champion.

I stay true to my team every year. Some people arent so faithful. I say every year that TEXAS is going to win. And since I have been around this family... they havent won, but they have made it to the final four! I think this year they will do amazing, and that is why I picked them as my National Champions! :)

The brackets are so much fun, because everyone seems to have a plan.... and they always claim their team is going to win. I used to partner up with Diem's dad back in the day when we were in Iowa and submit our bracket... but we started fighting over who our National Champion would be and who would beat who, and well... now we do our own bracket.

I asked Diem yesterday if she wanted to do her own bracket. She has no idea whats going on. So I helped her. You will notice I had no say!!! Here is how it went down...

"Diem pick either 1 or 16, Diem pick either 8 or 9...." it went on and on until we got to her National Champion. She picked #14 Wofford.

Like I said, I stay true to my team... TEXAS!!!!  So for your enjoyment... Here are our brackets!


Jillian said...

i LOVE that diem has her own bracket. that is adorable! i hope she wins!! also, i am getting pretty excited to see you . . . . .

Lena said...

When Diem is right im gonna laugh!

jimlynn said...

Hook 'em Horns!!!!!

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